As a part of Berdal Group, Berdal has been a leading producer, brand owner and private-label specialist in synthetic and rubber products for the building construction, professional ironware and DIY sectors for over 45 years. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and our products are always created according to certified processes.

With our incredibly large range of products, the dealers in the DIY and professional construction industry can purchase their materials from one supplier instead of from many different ones. We place continued development, innovation, sustainability, and social involvement high on our list of priorities. One way that we do this is by seeking out vertical collaboration in specialised trade. Together, we can continuously take advantage of the changing market conditions.


Berdal is the specialist in the field of construction buckets and tubs and printed buckets. Our top brand, Gripline, has since become well known among those in the ironware, building construction, and DIY sectors. Other product groups in the Gripline series are gaining popularity as well, such as knee pads, rubber hammers, sledgehammer caps, and door buffers. We continue to develop Gripline via a smart and lean production process.

Our Gripline series consists of; Gripline Durable, Gripline Original, Gripline Craneable and the Gripline Specials.


Foliefol is a brand “built from the ground up”, resulting in roof and wall membranes, hydrophobic membranes, construction membranes, asbestos bags, and safety products. Foliefol has been developed in order to offer a high-quality, consistent product range and act as an all-rounder in the market, much like our own brand Gripline. Berdal’s Foliefol is a sustainable and flexible construction membrane. It is made of recyclable polyethylene material, which makes it very environmentally friendly! The membrane remains flexible even in very cold temperatures.


EPDM (synthetic roof rubber) has long been essential to today’s construction world. Pandser EPDM offers the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for various water- and windproofing problems. Pandser is the brand for roof, gutter, and facade. With Pandser EPDM, Berdal provides you with a powerful total concept, consisting of instructional films, demo’s, an online product environment, and various sales-support tools. You can never make the wrong choice when it comes to the Pandser range of products. There is always a product available that is ready for you to use.


Gripline knee protector offers a wide range of high quality product for the professional as well as the DIY markets.

FENTO knee protectors are the result of years of developments and thorough testing. The original FENTO objectives are obvious in the finished product: they are comfortable due to a natural distribution of pressure, easy to kneel and walk in, flexible, waterproof and lightweight.


Berdal provides quality products. This quality is also an expression of the way in which we make these products. It’s all about sustainability from A to Z – and then back to A again (recycling). This is a continuous process in which Berdal is taking huge innovative strides with ambitious production methods and techniques as well as the use of recycled plastics. These points can be found in our quality standards, like ISO 9001:2015, TUV-GS, DIN 14404, Der Blaue Engel and CE.


Berdal is aware of its responsibilities with regard to the environment and sustainable production. In light of that awareness, we work with green energy to limit our CO2 emissions. Our buckets are produced with homogeneous, recycled raw materials that are guaranteed to be free of cadmium. The basic materials that we use for the production of buckets and tubs is made from rubbish collected from households. All our production waste is reused. In doing so, we create a recycling chain and products are made in a highly sustainable way. All of our recycled buckets and tubs do have the Bleu Angel certification and Berdal has joined the “Plastic Pact” initiative with the goal to reduce the use of plastics with 20% in 2025. Berdal; the champion in using recycled content!


Berdal provides a broad range of products. We supply this range of products with a proven, high-degree of reliability. Berdal can offer various logistic services – central and decentral – to the B2B and B2C marktes.

We have developed a smart calculation module with which businesses with various local branches and central warehouses can keep track of their Berdal range of products in the best possible way. This is how we support our clients in the entire supply chain.


Berdal provides its clients with all relevant and current product information via the website. Berdal can also provide various PIM systems (product information management) with current data that can be used by business relationships for use in their ERP systems and webshop applications. Examples of well known PIM systems are EZ-Base, DGE, GS1, IB, OXOMI and Perfion. We also provide EDI connections between the ERP systems of Berdal and our customers to create the create the most efficient data communication lines.

BERDAL – connecting the chain

Berdal offers you a wide portfolio of brands, products and services with the opportunity of a high turnover rate and interesting margin. #LetsBuildTogether.


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