KMR – The partner of craftsmen

KMR is one of Europe‘s most revered tools and is the respected brand of hand held and powered fastening tools for craftsmen.

For more than a century craftsmen, cabinet makers, joiners and roofers have relied on our products.

KMR offers nailers, staplers and screwdrivers and the corresponding fasteners for professional craftsmen in Europe and overseas.

A long tradition of excellence

KMR has a long history of developing high-end fastening tools for professional craftsmen. Our brand takes its name from the initials of our founder, Karl Matthias Reich. The son of a Black Forest craftsman, Karl began producing nails, wire goods and machines for wire processing in 1914.

In 1925, Karl produced his first stationary carpentry machine which was sold under the brand name HOLZHER. In the 1960s, his company then produced its first pneumatic stapler before expanding its range to include other hand held power fastening tools.

This hand held tool side of the business was acquired in 2013 by the Behrens Group, one of Europe‘s leading manufacturers of fastening technology for wood and other materials and became fully integrated into the Behrens‘ operation.

Tools developed by professionals – for professionals


KMR pneumatic nailers are perfect for use in workshops. Our range includes both coil and strip magazine fed tools and are manufactured to the most exacting quality standards.


KMR pneumatic staplers offer a combination of versatility, convenience and exceptional fastening performance. Their reliability and longevity as well as their speed and ease of use has helped to make them the craftman‘s choice across Europe for high volume and high intensity fastening work.

Bradders and pinners

KMR pneumatic bradders and pinners are well balanced and offer the highest levels of precision control to ensure exceptional results with every use.

Cordless tools

For on site or yard work or simply those occasions when you want to be free of power cords and air lines, the KMR range includes a number of cordless nailers and staplers. These sturdy tools can cope with the most demanding of environments whilst delivering unsurpassed fixing accuracy.

Specialist and combination tools

At KMR, we recognise that specialist jobs frequently demand specialist tools. That‘s why our product range includes a number of products suited to specific applications and tasks such as anchor nailers, palm nailers and corrugated nailers.


KMR offers a range of electric and battery driven screwdrivers for coil and strip screws. They are the professional tools for high quality work such as decking and flooring, drywalling, wooden framework, façade, timber construction as well as for metal frames.

Collated fasteners and accessories

This includes nails, staples, screws and many other fasteners.

2500 references in in timber construction, roofing, carpentry, drywall construction and forestry.

When you buy any KMR tool, you can be assured that you‘re investing in the best. Our success and our strong reputation have been built on offering products always manufactured to the highest standards.

We use only the finest components and materials. We combine this with stringent quality control at every stage of the production process together with tool design and manufacturing expertise.


Discover Germany‘s brand for professional tools for high quality work.



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