Every step leaves a mark, and ours is climate positive.


Amorim Cork Flooring is part of Corticeira Amorim, the largest world producer of cork products. It is the market leader and contributes towards sustainability and innovation like no other player in the sector.
Amorim Cork Flooring started in the 70’s, as a small cork flooring business born from the very concept of Circular Economy – a significant increase in the production of cork stoppers (Corticeira Amorim’s main business) led Amorim to make use of by-products, taking the first steps towards the leadership in terms of sustainable development.

Amorim Cork Flooring has three brands: Amorim Wise, Wicanders and Corklife.

Amorim Wise has Respect for Nature as its core value. Its portfolio has a remarkable negative carbon footprint, helping to reduce global warming potential and promoting people’s well-being. Beyond its remarkable sustainability credentials, Amorim Wise is also a high-end product that combines high quality with unique designs. Available in three visuals, cork, wood and stone, all with the unique porperties of cork.

Wicanders has a legacy that goes back to 1868. Its promise is to provide Floors for Living, ready for real life, with exceptional durability and performance. Over the years, Wicanders has developed sustainable floor and wall coverings with exclusive properties due to its cork benefits.Available with cork, wood and stone visuals, its products are able to provide a silent and thermally insulated environment, that endures impacts and is very comfortable to walk and stand on.

Corklife is the world leading brand in DIY retail of flooring and wall coverings with cork technology. To withstand the needs of everyday life Corklife is robust, durable and easy to maintain. It offers easy installation for a practical and easy living. Its cork multilayered structure absorbs impacts and provides walking comfort while contributing to healthy indoor spaces.



at a glance:

– 544 employees

– 2 industrial plants

– Production capacity: 10 M m² / 108 M ft²

– 6 Sales companies and 3 joint ventures

– Sales in over 70 countries



Amorim Revestimentos

Rua do Ribeirinho 202

P.O. Box 13

4536-907 S. Paio de Oleiros


Phone: (+351) 227 475 600



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