Wicanders was the first company to be awarded the TÜV PROFiCERT-product certificate for the indoor air quality, having achieved the highest Premium Label in all of its flooring solutions.

TÜV‐PROFiCERT‐product Interior brand is worldwide known as a voluntary, independent label for VOC‐emission and quality of floorings.

To be awarded this certification, products have to pass rigorous tests from different entities that guarantee the indoor air quality.

All of Wicanders’ flooring products were awarded the Premium Label proving the fulfilment of the criteria according to:

‐ German AgBB including ABG of MVVTB;

‐ French VOC‐Emission Class A;

‐ Belgian Regulations on VOC emissions from construction products;

– Finnish M1;

‐ LEED v4 (outside North America);

‐ BREEAM International New Construction, General Level;

– RAL-UZ 176;

– Austrian Eco Label (Guideline UZ 56).

The tests are made in partnership with EPH (Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH), the well-known German test laboratory that issues test reports as an independent third party as proof of performance for materials and products.

The awarding of this certification at its highest Premium level was a natural step for Wicanders, since the brand has always shown great commitment to the indoor air quality of its products.

In addition to TÜV, Wicanders also has the Das Kork Logo; Green Tag certification; Green Guard Gold; A+; Eiko Japan and F-4Star.


Source : www.wicanders.com