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Supplier Wavin

50% of pipe defects are due to displaced connections


With an estimated 2.5 million kilometres of public underground sewers in the EU (plus  all  the  private  sewers), we go ahead with our daily activities,

without noticing what is happening under our feet.

Within this complex underground network  almost every  connection  between  pipes risks a leak, and there can be thousands of connections in a single pipeline.

But the overall water tightness of  connections  is  a  primary  measure  of  a pipeline’s quality and environmental effects and it is therefore key to mitigate such risks by intelligent design and accurate installation.

Wavin’s new technical paper explores this as well as other issues in depth and outlines what we can do to future proof our cities today.


Read more about the water tightness of storm- and foulwater systems, which impact plastic can have versus ridged pipes, how systems might be affected by root ingress and how sewer systems (pipes and manholes or chambers) can be tested for tightness.

Watertightness in sewer systems – how to mitigate risks