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Supplier Wavin

Wavin introduces new control system for underfloor heating and cooling

Wavin Sentio makes underfloor heating control smart and easy

Within its range of underfloor heating and cooling systems, Wavin now offers a new generation control system that makes it easier to program the underfloor heating. Ideal for installers, because the installation and adjustment is ready in a jiffy. And ideal for the resident or user by its ease of use.


The installation market is changing rapidly, systems are becoming smart and more energy efficient. A good thing. For installers, this means re-reading over and over again in order to familiarize themselves with the new system. Precious hours, which the installer now saves with Wavin Sentio. Under the motto ‘Connect. Set. Go.’ Wavin offers the installer an innovative system that can be installed and controlled in an easy 3-step process. Complete with control unit, expansion modules, wireless and wired thermostats, temperature sensors, an intuitive LCD touch screen and an app for the end user.


First step: Connect

The connections for the wiring are easy to install at an angle of 45°. The connections have the same color coding as the wiring. Standard there are 8 zones, but these can easily be extended with an extension set. A second expansion unit with voltage-free relays also makes it possible to control, for example, electric awnings, the garage door and lighting.


Second step: Set

The LCD touch screen is connected to the control unit and functions as a portable display, making it easy to adjust the Wavin Sentio system. Thanks to preset profiles, this can be done quickly and without any worries. It is possible to adjust profiles by answering a few questions. Adjustments can be made using the LCD touch screen, but also with a laptop.


Third step: Go

Residents and users also experience great convenience with the Wavin Sentio control system. The Sentio App makes it easy to set a different temperature for each room, even remotely. It is also possible to enter a daily or weekly schedule. If desired, users can even add multiple homes to the app or share the settings with other users.


Easy and energy efficient

Zone control can be used to set the temperature per room. For example, a few degrees warmer in the bathroom and just a little cooler in the hall. Households can save 11 to 21% on energy consumption. In Germany and Denmark, zone control is already mandatory. Zone control is also becoming increasingly important in the Netherlands.


A full range

The Sentio control system is the latest addition to the already extensive underfloor heating range of Wavin. From pipe to tacker plate, from tape to couplings, from edge insulation to pumps, Wavin is also the one-stop shop for underfloor heating and cooling. Thanks to its high quality and competitive pricing, Wavin underfloor heating and cooling has already achieved market leading positions in Denmark, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.

More information about Wavin Sentio and Wavin underfloor heating and cooling can be found at your local Wavin website or via a Wavin representative.