Supplier Wavin
Supplier Wavin

As you may know, Wavin is part of a community of companies under the umbrella of a larger company called Mexichem. Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new name and brand for Mexichem—a brand that lives up to the global nature of the company, as well as its mission, purpose, and values.


Mexichem is now Orbia.


“Orbia” is a combination of the Latin word for spherical globe (Orb) and Bia, the personification of force in Greek mythology. Put the two together, and you have a name that means “a force for the world.”


The name change of Wavin’s parent company supports the ambition to make a long-lasting difference as a global player. And to help Orbia deliver on its purpose, ‘Advance life around the world’, our business group Building & Infrastructure is now assembled as one global brand, Wavin. From now on, we will be working on a global scale as one global team, because we believe that a global economy, global customers and global challenges, require a global mindset from a business like ours, with one truly global brand. Wavin has now 12’000+ employees in 40+ countries, covering EMEA, APAC and Latin America.


Together we are aimed towards tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges around water supply, sanitation, climate-resilient cities and building performance. And with the support of a parent company that invests in a long-term vision of balanced growth, with an eye for the impact on people, planet and profit, we are now also able to better serve you, our customers. From now on, Wavin is your innovative solution provider for building and infrastructure across multiple continents.


So what does this new name mean for you as a Wavin customer? Day to day, nothing will change. Wavin remains Wavin, and all of our interactions will stay the same. We simply wanted to make you aware of the name change, as you may start to see the Orbia logo along with ours on communications, products, and signage.


Wavin is proud to be a member of the Orbia community as we work together to advance life around the world. To learn more about Orbia and the global challenges it strives to address, please visit the website at