Significant sound reduction due to new Wavin indoor plumbing system

Specially developed SoundCheck Tool helps developers to further limit noise disruption

 Amsterdam, January 2020 – Wavin introduces Wavin AS+, an indoor plumbing system with a reinvented design and material selection. The complete system – consisting of pipes, connectors and brackets – will replace the existing Wavin AS indoor plumbing system as a whole. Wavin AS+ provides three significant advantages compared to its predecessor: quicker and easier installation, reduced leak risk and improved soundproofing. The new line is now available via the wholesaler.


Noise reduction

Noise disruption from water in drainage systems is a well-known issue in many hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes and office buildings across the world. Wavin AS+ has been specifically developed to resolve this. The pipes are crafted from a newly developed composite that reduces contact and airborne noise thanks to the unique material density. The installation brackets have a rubber inlay to further limit contact noise. Thanks to the new line, no additional sound-reducing measures are required following installation, which results in significant cost savings. The sound absorption is tested and confirmed by the German Fraunhofer Institute and the Dutch advice firm Peutz.


Leak-free ease of use

The Wavin AS+ pipes and fittings feature a patented, self-lubricating blue cuff that eliminates the need for lubricants. The unique design of the blue cuff prevents leaking and reduces the risk of installation errors. Combined with the ridged gasket for effortless push-fit connections, a system is created for highly efficient, secure and straightforward installation.


“During the construction of new projects, the influence of indoor plumbing on contact and airborne noise is often underestimated. The latest development in our soundproofed selection offers the ideal combination of materials and design to prevent noise disruption and is very easy to install. This makes Wavin AS+ the best solution not only for project developers, engineers and architectural designers, but also for technicians.” – Remko van Dijk, European Product Manager Wavin


Wavin SoundCheck Tool

The introduction of Wavin AS+ coincides with the arrival of an additional instrument to reduce noise disturbance caused by indoor plumbing: the digital SoundCheck Tool. This free online test calculates the sound level per room in six steps based on individual parameters. The tool simulates the sound level of the drainage system following installation. The tool also directly advises technicians which steps are required to satisfy the (continuously) changing regulations concerning sound reduction. This makes the SoundCheck Tool the perfect sidekick for all parties involved in new projects. Every country where Wavin is active has a local website through which the tool can be accessed.


Naturally, all Wavin AS+ components are BIM-ready. BIM Revit files are provided free of charge and can be downloaded in the Wavin BIM download centre on all local Wavin websites.

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About Wavin

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