Top-level comfort!

With the Easy Airtight system, UNILIN, division insulation offers a high-quality solution to give pitched roofs an airtight finish in a single day. Moreover, the insulation meets every standard and the finish is impeccable.

Future-Proof Insulation

Both for new constructions and renovation projects Unilin roof elements offer a made-to-measure solution that meets all requirements in terms of energy efficiency.
Unilin roof panels combine roof and roof insulation in a top-notch, all-in-one, high-performance building concept. Insulation, vapour barrier, spars, underlay and interior finishing in a single system! An easy-to-install way of combining exceptional energy performance with an agreeable interior climate!

Smart Insulation

Did you know that… Unilin has developed an ingenious spring tensioning system called Easy Airtight. The spring ensures a perfect joint. The built-in vapour barrier and the seamless joints with the structure eliminate all risks of condensation, resulting in a perfectly airtight roof. With the Easy Airtight elements a U-value of 0.11 W/m²K can be achieved, ranking Ecoon Roof Elements among the most energy-efficient roof insulation applications on the market today.

We offer more than just insulation.
Smart insulation solutions also help you build a professional future.

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