UNILIN offers a unique high performance HYBRID FLAT ROOF CONCEPT throughout Western-Europe. The structural roof panels, consisting of a mineral wool (MW) insulation core combined with an additional UTHERM PIR insulation board  faced with a finishing roof membrane , offer a lot of advantages :

As structural roof panel :

  • Large spans, up to 6 m, fixed into the structural timber, concrete or steel beam
  • Modern off-site construction method allowing fast and easy installation
  • Optional supplied pre-trimmed for insertion of skylights, roof outlets or vent pipes
  • Free choice of decorative interior finishes (plywood, timber boarding, etc.)
  • Increases habitable space due to all-in-one concept, inclusive inner facing
  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle.
  • Tailor-made size, up to maximum 8 meter long



At the inside :

  • Excellent sound reduction & high thermal bridging performance due to the inserted mineral wool insulation
  • Reduced thermal bridging
  • Increased fire resistance (Euroclass A1 of Mineral wool)

At the outside   :

  • Ideal walkability due to the compressive strength of UTHERM PIR insulation on top.
  • Superior overall thermal performance (PIR insulation lambda down to 0.020)
  • Reduced installation time



We offer more than just insulation.
Smart insulation solutions also help you build a professional future.