It’s a fact – we love to build!

Houses, streets, settlements, cities…

At the same time, we are building a lot more:

Relationships. Trust.  Experience. We build opportunities.


This was the main theme of this year’s Gathering of Topdom’s business partners which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The event was organised with a purpose of strengthening professional relationships with the most notable participants in building sector that TOPDOM connects.  More than 70 producers of building materials, dry wall constructions, chemical products and facades, ceramics and sanitary equipment, tools and hardware have exhibited their products and solutions.

The event focused on Topdom’s main buyers and suppliers with the companies of TOPDOM Group as a means of connection. Topdom Group is comprised of 13 companies in Slovenia and 1 in Bosnia and Hercegovina, which form a widespread web of 33 sales locations. Through the years the TOPDOM brand has strengthened the reputation and position on Slovenian market of products for construction and renovation, thanks to their extensive and quality offer, supported by the advice of expertly trained personnel. »As co-owners of TOPDOM, we are most proud of the fact that we managed to build a joint story of connecting several companies in Slovenia and that we succeeded in connecting the trade and achieving very good results,« said Boštjan Čertanec, Director of OBNOVA and co-owner of TOPDOM.

Among the most prominent suppliers which participated in the event were many companies from abroad, mostly from Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia, which is a clear sign of Topdom’s inclusion in the wider region. On this occasion Michael Sommer, Head of International Sales at Holzland said: »HOLZLAND is very proud to be a part of the TOPDOM family. There is a match, I believe, between HOLZLAND and TOPDOM, the chemistry is perfect. We will only survive if we offer services, if we offer emotions, if we are thinking from the customer perspective. We feel that we are, together with TOPDOM, on a good way.«

TOPDOM has been a member of  EURO-MAT since 2006. Membership enables the company to quickly learn about trends in building materials and offers easy access to the most important suppliers within the European market, all in order to provide the business partners with the best choice offered by the market. »TOPDOM is one of the examples of the power of surviving the worst time and having the power to fully use the opportunities of a good time. We now have the momentum and this momentum is very positive. The future looks very well – both for Slovenia and for TOPDOM!« concluded Marcin Laskowski, Business Development Manager at EURO-MAT.