Tiling with sikaCeram®


Tiling is one of the most popular surface finishing techniques that are used to enhance the appearance and functionality of all types of buildings and facilities. From decorative tiled surfaces to highly functional tiled walls and floor finishes.

Sika has developed a comprehensive range of products for tiling – the SikaCeram® range– which includes tile adhesives, tile grouts and useful ancillary products that are designed for use as integrated systems to achieve the optimum results in tiling.

These products are for the most demanding applications such as wet rooms, swimming pools, balconies and facades but also for laying large-format tiles, natural stones, and porcelain stoneware amongst others. These applications require not only good skills but also advanced products.

One product from the new innovative range is the SikaCeram®-500 Ceralastic. It’s the first product of its kind on the market, which is a waterproofing and tile adhesive mortar in one single product. It is ideal for use on the interior and exterior, especially for balconies and terraces, and offers great SAVINGS ON TIME AND COSTS.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • SikaCeram®-500 Ceralastic is more compact (2 in 1), with warehouse space requirements 45% lower than storing traditional products for the same application/ traditional method.
  • SikaCeram®-500 Ceralastic achieves massive reductions on labor costs, representing a considerable saving of 30%
  • But most important is the application procedure… Material can be applied in a single operation. It slashes application time from 9 days for the traditional method, to only 2 working days, making the application procedure 7 days faster!


Click below to watch the benefits of SikaCeram®-500 Ceralastic!

For more information about this product and many more from the SikaCeram® range, please contact your local Sika sales representative or alternatively Patrick Jochelson (jochelson.patrick@ch.sika.com).

See :  https://www.youtube.com/embed/QMiVSpNKMl0