“BIM is a reality!”, Puts Marnix Van Hoe, director of FEMA, on board. “BIM is already taking care of it, but it will mainly cause a digital disruption in the construction sector. BIM fundamentally changes the way of working of the architect, contractor, project developer, manager of buildings, … actually everyone who has a place in the construction chain. Believing that BIM therefore has no impact on the merchant’s performance in building materials is the same as denying the sunlight. “, Continues Marnix.
“You can regard any change as a threat, but you can also look at it as an opportunity”, adds André De Groote, chairman of FEMA. “So the question was: How can we use the implementation of BIM to create more added value for our customers, the contractors? What are the problems that our customers are confronted with and how can we offer a solution? “, Continues André.

“After intensive consultation with the contractors themselves, but also with the Feproma producers, the BBRI and the ConfederatieBouw we have come to the conclusion that we have to create a database of construction related articles in which you based on technical characteristics can do research to make a direct link with BIM in this way. This will mean real added value for every contractor, large or small, because even the smaller contractor will probably be assessed faster than today, faced with BIM “, says André.
“In order to make this database, there was a need for a clear classification standard. On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Chain Stand (ETIM) was found to be unanimously suitable and accepted as the standard for technical classification. In addition to a pure classification standard, Chain Standard also determines the standard to communicate and identify in such a way that it also makes it possible to start EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) applications both for the purchase (with the manufacturer) and the sales process (with the contractor). ). “, Marnix indicates.
We call upon the experience of Chain Standard (NL) to guide this phase of the digitization project in our sector. A Belgian branch is put into operation for this.
“We are very pleased that we were able to make this choice from the trade with FEMA because we are convinced that this is an important step in preparing our members for the future,” André concludes.


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