tesa presents Bath Accessories with tesa® Power.Kit technology


The new bathroom accessories from tesa® combine great bathroom designs with the unique tesa® Power.Kit technology – the all-in-one solution for reliable hold and perfect results. The new design line of tesa® comes in a great variety of stylish bathroom accessories, from classy to minimalistic. Paired with the tesa® Power.Kit technology, endless bathroom decoration ideas are possible.

The adhesive Power.kit technology consists of a waterproof glue, making it the perfect choice for mounting anything in wet environments like a bathroom. Even after removing it, surfaces are going to stay flawless as Power.Kit does not leave any marks or holes. Due to its clean application and removal processes, remodeling rooms has never been easier.

tesa® self-adhesive bathroom accessories with POWER KIT Technology

Bathroom makeovers or complete bathroom renovations used to take a lot of planning and careful consideration. A large variety of tools, figuring out the right mounting technique for each object and matching up multiple bathroom accessories are just a few of the many things you needed to keep in mind to turn your bathroom ideas into reality. It’s time to forget about the hassle. We have an easy solution for you: Enjoy the tesa® way of renewing your bathroom with modern bathroom decoration ideas!

The patented tesa® POWER KIT Technology guarantees an extra strong hold. The best thing about this intelligent mounting solution is that it works reliably on all sufficiently solid surfaces, such as tiles, metal, plaster, or masonry. The main feature: A particularly powerful liquid adhesive is filled into the cavity of an air-permeable copper adapter. Already after 12 hours, the adhesive is hardened and can then, depending on the size of the adapter, hold weight loads of 2.5 kg up to 10 kg. The tesa® Adhesive Screw can be easily removed. Using a pipe wrench, the self-adhesive screw is simply unscrewed, and the adhesive residue is removed with a spatula or a brush.

Source : https://www.tesa.com/en/consumer/bathroom-accessories