Tough 2-axis inclination laser for best performance on construction sites

Innovative MOTION CONTROL. Extremely tough thanks to the STABILA PROTECTOR system. Waterproof and dustproof (IP 65). Wide range of functions – 2-axis inclination, section mode, scan, tilt, standby. High-performance receiver – radius of working area of up to 800 m, number display for reference deviation in mm. Quality and precision, made in Germany.

Annweiler, Germany, 29.9.2017 – STABILA is expanding its range of laser products to include the high-performance LAR 350 rotation laser, a fully automatic motor-driven rotation laser for horizontal and vertical applications as well as manual inclination in two axes. Thanks to its fast self-levelling function that works within 10 seconds, it is ready for use straight away.

What makes the LAR 350 stands out are the many innovative technologies it features, ensuring that on-site measuring tasks can be completed more easily, quickly, effectively and reliably than ever before.

MOTION CONTROL makes operating the laser simple. A movement sensor in the remote control detects every hand movement and transmits them to the laser using infrared technology up to a distance of 20 m. Turning the remote control to the right or left accelerates or decelerates the selected laser function. This enables numerous functions and settings to be intuitively controlled: rotation speed, size and position of the scanning area when using the line function, size and position of the actively rotating laser in SECTION MODE or inclinations of the X and Y axis (DUAL SLOPE) are all settings that can be made easily and without increments.

Furthermore, a new LED ASSIST system makes for easy operation and safety in the workplace, as well as allowing the laser to be monitored visually from a distance: while the laser is being positioned, integrated LEDs emit a warning if it is outside of the levelling range. When the inclination function is being used, the LEDs indicate which axis is currently tilted or is being tilted. When tilt mode is active, the white LED is constantly lit. Flashing LEDs indicate inadvertent shocks and vibrations. Additional indicator lights provide information on the battery and temperature status.

Equipped with the STABILA Protector System that is patented in many countries, the LAR 350 is extremely tough and is protected even when dropped from a tripod at a height of up to 1.80 m. The laser is also waterproof and dustproof in accordance with protection class IP 65. This lends it optimum protection for use on construction sites, and even enables it to be hosed down and cleaned.

Further extensive functions make the LAR 350 a versatile assistant on construction sites:

– As well as the rotation function (horizontal and vertical), and the plumb-line function (above and below), the line function with SCAN mode enables direct work on the laser line indoors.

– The DUAL SLOPE inclination function allows precise adjustment of the rotation laser inclination by remote control. As a result, the levelling plane can be tilted by up to 5 degrees on two axes.

– On any given day on a construction site, there are often many craftsmen working at the same time. The SECTION mode function is highly practical and useful in this scenario. This function restricts the rotating laser beam to a specific working area and prevents it from interfering with other lasers, or craftsmen inadvertently dazzling their fellow workers while on the job.

– For vertical operation, there is also the option of tilting the vertical levelling plane by up to 5 degrees – a useful feature for anyone performing vertical levelling and marking tasks.

– Using the remote control during vertical operation, an axis can be automatically and accurately aligned with the target point of the REC 300 Digital receiver (MANUAL ALIGNMENT). This makes it significantly easier to position partition walls, for example.

– Thanks to its tilt function and automatic relevelling, the LAR 350 can automatically compensate vibrations that typically occur on construction sites up to a certain limit. Both functions can be enabled and disabled.

– The battery-conserving standby mode ensures a long operating time and means you can pick up where you left off when the device is switched back on, since the previous function setting is retained.

When using the REC 300 Digital set receiver, the working area can be up to 800 m in diameter. Equipped with a holder and featuring a large receiving area from a height of 80 mm, visual and acoustic guidance, as well as displays on the front and rear, the receiver is ideal for working at great distances. You can read off deviations from the reference height as a number in millimetres directly from the display of the receiver – allowing heights to be corrected quickly.

The LAR 350 is available from retailers in two set variants: as well as the LAR 350 set receiver laser, the 7-piece set consists of a remote control, 90° angle rail, laser goggles, target plate, plus carrying case and batteries. In the 9-piece set, a construction tripod and levelling rod are also included. A high-performance Li-ion rechargeable battery can be purchased as an option.


Technical specifications:

Laser class:                                                      2

Output:                                                             < 1 mW

Laser wavelength:                                            635 nm

Self-levelling range:                                         +/- 5°

Inclination:                                                        +/- 5°

Levelling accuracy (horizontal and vertical):   +/- 0.1 mm/m

Measuring distance of visible line:                   20 m

Working area for set receiver:                         ø 800 m

Operating time:                                                approx. 80 hours

Batteries included:                                           2 x D

Protection class:                                               IP 65


STABILA is an internationally operating company based in Annweiler am Trifels, Germany. Founded in 1889, the company manufactures measuring tools that meet the highest standards of precision, durability, reliability and easy use. The development of new products and production techniques is a top priority. STABILA is a globally recognised measuring equipment specialist for spirit levels, lasers, folding rules and tape measures. More than 500 employees are committed to the success of STABILA.



LAR 350 rotation laser – for serious professionals: 2-axis inclination laser for all measuring tasks. Made in Germany

The RC-LAR350 remote control with MOTION CONTROL: intuitive control of all laser functions in no time at all. Quick, reliable and convenient laser operation by rotating the remote control. The in-built sensor detects every hand movement and transmits them using infrared technology up to a distance of 20 m.

MOTION CONTROL: axis inclination settings can be made easily and without increments. Further setting options for the MOTION CONTROL remote control include rotation speed, size and position of the scanning area when using the line function, or size and position of the actively rotating laser in SECTION MODE.

LED ASSIST system with indicators for visually monitoring the laser from a distance

The right laser function for each application:
tilt function, SECTION MODE, standby mode, rotation function (horizontal and vertical), X and Y axis inclination function (DUAL SLOPE), manual operation, line function in scan mode, plumb line, 90° angle

Extremely tough thanks to the STABILA PROTECTOR system: perfect protection, even when the laser is dropped at a height of up to 1.80 m. Set it up again, switch it on and continue measuring with the same precision.

The LAR 350 rotation laser is waterproof and dustproof in accordance with protection class IP 65 – optimum protection for use on construction sites, even in poor weather conditions.

SECTION MODE: working area which can be limited as required in rotation mode. The laser beam is emitted in the defined area – no interference when using multiple rotation lasers at the construction site and no danger of inadvertently dazzling third parties

DUAL SLOPE inclination function: controlled inclination setting – the levelling plane can be tilted by up to 5° on two axes by remote control.

MANUAL ALIGNMENT: using the remote control (A), the LAR 350 laser (B) is moved accurately to the REC 300 Digital target point (C).

Vertical inclination of the laser axis – for vertical levelling and marking tasks. The vertical levelling plane can be tilted by up to 5°.

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