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Sorba and HGC: Less work in the office – more time for construction

BIM has accelerated the digitization of the construction industry. The HGC, which has always been at the forefront of the industry’s digital development, is now inviting entrepreneurs, together with Sorba, to simplify and accelerate the processes surrounding submission and costing.

Today, as a contractor and we as a construction material trader, you handle countless positions in submission and offers every day; a time-consuming compilation of product data and prices from various tools, catalogs and lists.
As an HGC customer and user of the Sorba construction software you are much more efficient. Thanks to the link in the e-shop of the HGC and to buildup you can pull the desired products directly from the e-shop in the submission or the calculation. And this with your custom prices and without leaving the Sorba construction software.
Orders are processed directly from Sorba, the delivery note is automatically filed in the relevant construction site documentation in Sorba. Likewise later the e-bill, which can also be released directly from the tool. All documents are in the right place. Simple and efficient; a real relief in the daily work!

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