EURO-MAT, whose mission consists in Building a Profitable Community, has a new member. Let us welcome on board another reliable company oriented towards international expansion and sustainable growth: the Rawlplug Group – an expert in fixings, fasteners and tools for 100 years.


Why did we decide to have Rawlplug join our community? There are a lot of reasons. Rawlplug is the world’s only supplier of products for every construction industry sector The company’s portfolio includes 30,000 products in the following product categories: bonded anchors, mechanical anchors, lightweight fixings, facade and roof insulation fixings, power tool accessories, direct fastening systems, foams and sealants and screws. Each of the products is offered in several or up to several dozen varieties, appropriate for specific types of substrates, application requirements, and installation conditions. Each is offered with specialised accessories, forming a complete system. Rawlplug’s products are created in the company’s own state-of-the-art facilities which are among the most modern and automated manufacturing plants in Europe, and which also include specialised and constantly developed research and development centres. The versatile specialisation makes them on the one hand universal, while on the other hand adaptable to the requirements of even the most specialised construction works. Their design is unique, their technical parameters are excellent, they are easy to install and extremely durable.


Wherever professional products are required, the Rawlplug Group’s range is an obvious choice, and products are actually only one of its three pillars. Rawlplug also offers its customers specialised services and innovative training. A comprehensive portfolio of services intended for engineers, architects and constructors is the result of Rawlplug’s comprehensive approach to the fixing design process. An interesting portfolio of tools specially designed for them and broadly understood technical support on the one hand make work comfortable for the users of the services in conditions that have an impact on performance and time saving, and on the other hand guarantee safety, which is of critical importance for the outcomes of their work. The training offer, on its part, is integrated in the Rawlplug Academy® development project, based on the comprehensive development of knowledge and skills customers have. The combination of the four pillars of Rawlplug Academy®: the e-learning platform, the Training Centres, including the RawlTruck mobile education and development centre, the traditional workshops and the knowledge base, makes this the only solution in the fixings sector on this level when it comes to quality and functionality.


We work in such a way as to make sure that our customers: engineers, architects, constructors and contractors have access to a complete portfolio of capacities, knowledge and best practices, supporting them in their day-to-day tasks and in the pursuit of their business objectives,” said Przemysław Tkaczyk, Sales Director at Rawlplug. “We are all the more pleased to find that our business achievements and aspirations are in line with the mission of EURO-MAT, especially since in the role of a market expert, we also feel responsible for spreading knowledge and improving competences in the sector, as integral elements of sustainable growth,” he added.


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