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Mrówka outlets

286th Mrówka outlet in Gubin  was opened on 12th of September 2018. The shop has 2,000 m2 of sale surface and 50 parking spaces.


New Mrówka outlet in Mysłakowice was opened on 25th October  in Mysłakowice by AB company. The shop has 1,800 m2 of the total surface, in this figure is a 1,500 m2 of sale surface.

Our new house – 11th edition

The 11th edition of the program ends in November. The series of 12 episodes were prepared with Budmat, Kaltman, Klimas, Knauf, Koelner, Polbram, PPG and Rockwool companies.

Last episode was watched by almost 1.7 mln people (in this figure almost 1.4 mln of our target group of the age of 25-69 years old) and it contained the product placement scenes of Koelner and  Knauf companies, as well as white paint of Mrówka.

Below are product placements scenes from the episode 10.

The 11th episode will contain product placements scenes of Klimas, Polbram and Rockwool companies.  

The recording preparation for the christmass episode of the program has begun. It will be sponsored by  Topex and Florentyna companies. Episodes for the 12th edition has already been prepared. Grupa PSB remains its main sponsor.

Report the renovation

The last 10th episode of the autumn edition has already been televised. The partners of Grupa PSB that sponsored the program were:  Kaem, Knauf, PPG, Topex, Voster, XL- Tape companies. Every episode was watched averagely by  ca.  118,000 people (90,000 of our target group).


Below is the scene from the episodes 9 and 10             

Episode 9

Episode 10