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Dear Partners,

Hopefully, the biggest health risk connected with pandemic is behind us, at least for now. Economic resonance of the government decisions will be noticeable for long and we cannot  predict what scale  it would be. It is worth noticing that building materials sale branch in Poland was in better situation than our colleagues from other European countries, e.g. in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Latvia this sector was completely stopped for few weeks.

New restrictions connected with sale caused many perturbations and necessity of additional expenses to secure a safe customer service. As a network, PSB did not record any cases of sickness as well as conflictive situations with customers were not many.

Retail sale in April gave good results, though customers behaviour changed – they purchase less often but they spent much more. Market situation does not reflect on PSB Partners’ purchases – they reduced their supplies, especially in the beginning of the pandemic which resulted in over a dozen sale slump at the Central office in April.

This letter shows the sale data of PSB network in the first quarter of 2020 with the difference between retail and wholesale channels. Despite the difficulties, PSB Partners continue their investments – PSB retail network was enlarged by two shops in the previous week. Though, few of the planned shops will be opened late.

Mrówka outlets  – despite the pandemic restrictions, PSB Partners continue their investments, however with some delays. Last weeks, the retail network of Grupa PSB was enlarged by two outlets.

312th Mrówka outlet in Łobez was opened  on 7th April by Marbud company. The shop has 1,800 m2 and employs 27 people.

313th  Mrówka outlet in Leżajsk was opened on  27th April as the fifth retail shop of Trans-Pal company from Dzwola.  The shop has  1,500 m2 sale surface plus 800 m2 external garden and employs 23 people.