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We wish our Partners the year 2020 to be at least as good  as the previous one. Grupa PSB will do its best to increase the turnover with Partners.

December financial results of PSB’s Central office was above 156 mln PLN, probably the income of the whole year would be 2,97 billion PLN, which is 10% more, compared to 2018.

It is too early to give a detailed summary of PSB network results in 2019, but generally the year was good for our branch. Building construction, especially developer’s noted another recordable season, though data about building permits and started constructions predict lower demand dynamics in 2020.


High base in the second half of the year 2018 caused a very low, even negative, revenue dynamics in the wholesale channel. In November, an average Profi centre noted over 5% slump in comparison with November 2018, while the  first 11 months resulted in just 4% revenue increment. Retail channel was better – an average Mrówka outlet noted almost 7% increment, while in 11 months it was almost 10%.


The strategy of network expansion continues – this year PSB network was enlarged by 5 Profi centers and 22 Mrówka outlets. It is more than in 2018, though much less than in the previous years.  Grupa PSB terminated cooperation with three shareholders, thus the PSB retail network consisted on 307 outlets by the end of 2019.


Training program has commenced and it is organized together with 45 biggest Suppliers.  It is a huge educational project for a few thousands of employees – we hope it yields  good results and a better sale of Partners’ products

Sale and prices of the PSB Central office in December 2019

PSB Central office revenue from building materials as well as home and garden products sales in December 2019 was estimated 156 million PLN and it was over 14% higher, compared to December of 2018. In this figure 1.6% was as a result of price increments.

Revenue of Grupa PSB (Central office) in 2019 was almost 10% higher in comparison with the previous year. In this figure 3.6% was as a result of price increments of products.

307th Mrówka outlet in Łącko – was opened on the 6th December by Neotermo company. The shop has 1,380 m2 sale surface plus 1,000 m2 of external garden will be opened in spring, and employs 19 people.

Santa Claus in Mrówka Ełk it was a charity activity for the local chilrdren’s homes.

Santa Claus with Mrówka Myślenice in a hospital for children.

Warmth exchange in Mrówka Serock –  the point of this activity is that everyone can leave clothes which others can take if they are in need. The activity, started by Mrówka Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki became very successful, the post on facebook reached over 30,000 people