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5th Autumn Fair of Grupa PSB  is the meeting for PSB’s biggest Suppliers. This year’s edition of the Fair took place on 11th September in Ossa. The participants were 833 representatives of 65 Suppliers and 147 PSB Partners which concluded 3163 contracts of the value of  99,5 mln PLN (12% more than in the previous year).

302nd Mrówka outlet in Lutomiersk was opened on 7th September by Ceramika Tomaszewski company. The shop has 800 m2 of sale surface and employs ten people. In spring, external garden will be created.

303rd Mrówka outlet in Czaplinek was opened on 28th September by Moto-Styl company. The shop has 440 m2 of sale surface and, in spring, it will also have 140m2 of external garden.

Safe way to school 2019 – for few years in September and October, PSB Partners (mostly  Mrówka outlets) with  the local police and schools organize activities for the first class students called Safe way to school. This year 73 Mrówka outlets organized such activities for 18,500 students.  Below are photo relations on the activities