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Supplier Ohra

Cantilever and pallet racks for the storage of building material

Verdouw: Flexibly usable and easily adaptable racks

Verdouw Bouwproducten, one of the leading wholesalers of building materials in the Netherlands, has equipped its new logistics centre in Apeldoorn with OHRA cantilever and pallet racks. In addition to the quality, their flexibility in use as well as ease of adaptability to a changing product range spoke in favour of the racking systems. With metal gratings in some cantilever racks and pallet racks with a bay width of up to 4,200 millimetres, a wide variety of pallet formats can be stored. Thanks to integrated storage spaces for vertical storage in the cantilever racks, doors and window frames can be taken from the same rack as other building materials.


Verdouw’s goal is to deliver a full range of building materials, the next day at the customers location or construction site when ordered before 2:00 PM. In view of this, the storage space in the existing logistics centre in Gouderak was no longer sufficient for further growth, so in 2019, the company opened a second logistic centre in Apeldoorn. In addition to the warehouse, the branch also includes a large specialised building shop and a drive-in station for goods collection. Here contractors, carpenters and all who build can find a comprehensive and in-depth product range.


Racking systems from OHRA have already proven their worth at the Gouderak site, so the new location was also equipped with storage systems from the European market leader for cantilever racks. The flexibility of the racks also spoke in favour of their use: Thus, metal gratings in the cantilever racks enable a continuous storage of a wide variety of pallet dimensions and goods without cumbersome intermediate supports. This also prevents damage to the goods during storage and retrieval. Thanks to the sturdy construction of the racks – all supporting elements are made of solid-walled steel profiles – high loading capacities are achievable, in this instance the pallet rack with a bay width of 4,200mm, has a maximum beam capacity of 7,377kgs per pair of beams.


In Apeldoorn, OHRA built a total of 20 rows of 7,28m high racks with run lengths between 4,5m and 72m.  In doing so, OHRA adapted the depth of the rack feet to the systems already installed in Gouderak so that the same forklifts can be used at both locations. At the same time, the racking systems for storing wood and panels can be placed in the same footprint as the racks for the other building materials.





About Verdouw Bouwproducten:

Verdouw Bouwproducten BV’s roots stretch back to 1909. Since then, the company has developed into an independent construction materials wholesaler with sites in Gouda, Gouderak and Apeldoorn. The objective of Verdouw building products is that orders from the extensive assortment of building materials available are delivered the next day, at the location or construction site as desired by the client when ordered before 2 p.m.



1979 – 2019:

40 years with OHRA – we will “rack” you!

 The success story of OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH officially begins in 1979: Ottokar Hölscher founded a company for the production and sale of racking systems. Thanks, in particular to the innovative cantilever racks, the German company was able to quickly establish itself on the market: In contrast to the competition, the arms of the cantilever racks are simply clipped in the punched upright profiles – thanks to this patented solution, the cantilever arms can be adjusted at any time without tools. Just like the cantilever racks, the pallet racks are made of solid-walled, hot-rolled steel profiles and are therefore characterised by a particularly high load-bearing capacity, robustness and longevity. In 2019, the European market leader for cantilever racks celebrates its 40th anniversary. OHRA has established itself in a wide variety of industries and now has its own sales offices in 13 countries.



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