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Götz + Moriz: High storage despite seismic zone 3

Götz + Moriz, a market leader in the building materials and tile trade in the South of Bavaria, has substantially expanded its Lörrach premises. The company invested in larger storage spaces and a new warehouse, which has been furnished with pallet and cantilever racking by OHRA. The site posed several challenges for the rack construction: Some of the racking had to be constructed down a slope, other parts of it had to allow for wind forces, and the seismic zone 3 had to be factored in for all of it. Despite this, the stable construction of the OHRA racking has enabled the implementation of frame heights of up to 9,100 millimetres with bay loads of 25,200 kilograms and beam loads of 5,000 kilograms.

In 2016, Götz + Moriz decided to expand the existing centre for construction and modernisation in Lörrach, the second largest of the company’s eight sites. The purpose of this expansion was to create more space for greater product diversity, to enable better customer service and to implement more efficient logistic processes. Before the expansion, the goods were often stored at floor level, in block storage and on platforms. Available racks were relatively low and offered only limited weight-bearing capacity.

Because Lörrach is in a seismic zone 3, the framework and footplates of the new racking by OHRA have been calculated so that they can carry the additional loads safely. The fact that all the load-bearing parts of the OHRA racks have been manufactured in hot-rolled steel profiles and not sheet metal profiles gives them an inherently high load-bearing capacity. In addition, the uprights will not buckle under lateral strain, even if touched by a forklift truck. Since several of the runs of racking in the outside area are located on a slope, the OHRA experts also designed pallet racks, mounted in stepped layers. Special spacer plates between the racking feet and the mounting plates on the floor, level out additional height differences. The racking in the warehouse, open at one end required a greater calculation effort since an opening of more than 30 percent on one side of the warehouse meant that wind forces had to be included in the calculation.

The new racking installations allow Götz + Moriz to offer their customers at the Lörrach site a significantly broader and deeper stock assortment, and to stagger delivery and collection better thanks to the surface areas liberated. Covered loading and unloading areas and shorter waiting times are additional advantages for customers.


About Götz + Moriz:

Götz + Moriz, a company founded by Wilhelm Götz and Leopold Moriz in 1937, is now a first point of contact for professional and private customers in the fields of construction, renovation and modernisation in the south Bavarian region. The company employs around 330 workers at eight sites and provides all kind of building materials as a full-range supplier in south of Bavaria and the neighbouring parts of France and Switzerland. The company has been part of the Wertheimer group since 1998. This group employs around 1,000 workers at 22 sites, mainly focused on Baden.


1979 – 2019:

40 years with OHRA – we will “rack” you!


The success story of OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH officially begins in 1979: Ottokar Hölscher founded a company for the production and sale of racking systems. Thanks to the innovative cantilever racks, the German company was able to quickly establish itself on the market: In contrast to the competition, the arms of the cantilever racks are simply clipped in the punched upright profiles – thanks to this patented solution, the cantilever arms can be adjusted at any time without tools. Just like the cantilever racks, the pallet racks are made of solid-walled, hot-rolled steel profiles and are therefore characterised by a particularly high load-bearing capacity, robustness and longevity. In 2019, the European market leader for cantilever racks celebrates its 40th anniversary. OHRA has established itself in a wide variety of industries and now has its own sales offices in 13 countries.



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