Digital protractor for industrial and trade professionals

Two models “Made in Germany”: handheld unit and measuring station / wide range of applications, highly precise / new target groups for specialist retailers

 Digital protractors are an indispensable tool when it comes to achieving maximum precision at all times in machines and systems. STABILA, an experienced manufacturer in the field of measuring technology since 1889, has now expanded its product range with a new segment for use in production and manufacturing. At the moment, it includes two digital protractors: a handheld unit for flexible, mobile use, and a measuring station which is particularly suitable for long-term measurements and enables measured data to be documented. Both units were developed and are manufactured in Germany and meet the high standards set by users for products bearing the “Made in Germany” mark.


Addressing new target groups

The new digital protractors give specialist retailers the opportunity to offer demanding industry and trade professionals additional products that benefit from STABILA’s high level of expertise and strong brand name. This means that retailers can now target users who might not have found the products they needed in STABILA’s portfolio in the past. Training events held at the STABILA training centre in Annweiler in the Palatinate region provide sales employees with a wealth of practical information and valuable sales arguments.

Versatile use

The Tech 500 DP and Tech 1000 DP uniaxial digital protractors (RRP €229.00 and €499.00, plus VAT) can be used in a wide range of industrial and trade applications. They are used wherever work processes need to be made more efficient, long-term measurements are required, in the context of automation measures, quality assurance and maintenance, as well as for alignment during commissioning and after retrofitting of (special) machines and systems. The Tech 500 DP is typically used as a handheld unit for inspection and adjustment tasks, e.g. checking that grippers and brackets are parallel. As a measuring station for documented long-term measurements, the Tech 1000 DP can be used to check and monitor changes in position.

High precision

Thanks to their sophisticated technology and features, the measuring process for measurements from 0° to 360° is straightforward and user-friendly. The acoustic guidance feature with three different signal tones enables the digital protractors to be aligned quickly. Zero adjustment is easily achieved using the reversal measurement. The REF function makes it easy to measure based on a reference angle. The measured value is saved using the Hold function. The protractors feature impressive inclination measurement accuracy: at 0° and 90°, the accuracy is ±0.05°; from 1° to 89° it is ±0.2° or ±0.1° (Tech 1000 DP).

Robust and flexible

With their anodised, water-tight and dust-proof housing (IP65), the compact units are very robust and therefore designed for a long service life. Thanks to the large numbers and lighting that can be switched on, the digital display is easy to read even when lighting conditions are poor. There is a choice of four different modes: ° (with two different levels of accuracy), %, mm/m, in/ft. There are a number of mounting options: the T-slot enables the protractor to be mounted flexibly with slot nuts, whereas the V-groove allows it to be positioned precisely on pipes. The rare-earth magnet provides a secure hold on steel girders and pipes. With two AA batteries, the Tech 500 DP handheld unit can achieve an operating time of approx. 150 hours; the premium model Tech 1000 DP can be operated with a Li-ion rechargeable battery, mains plug or interface.

Smart documentation

In order to document the measured data, the Tech 1000 DP (which can be connected to a machine controller) features an RS-485 interface with Modbus protocol. Print mode is used to transmit a current measured value directly to a computer connected via a USB data cable, while Auto mode continuously transmits the measured values. The address can be set individually so that several units can be used simultaneously to enable comparative measurements. Even without any knowledge of programming, the measurement results can be evaluated and documented: the STABILA Analytics evaluation software is included in the scope of delivery and enables, among other things, direct data collection and display for up to two units, simple calculations within the software and traceability of measurement errors.

Technical data of the digital protractors

Tech 500 DP Tech 1000 DP
Display (measuring range) 0–360° ( 4 x 90°) 0–360°
Measuring accuracy at 0° and 90° ±0.05°
Measuring accuracy at 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° ±0.05°
Measuring accuracy at 01°…89° ±0.2°
Measuring accuracy at 01°…89°/ 91°…189°/181°…269°/271°…359°  


Display illumination
Reference function
Hold function
Keyboard lock
Visual guidance
Position visualisation
Acoustic guidance
Units °, %, mm/m, in/ft
Data transfer
Power supply 2 x 1.5 V alkaline AA Li-ion rechargeable battery, mains supply, 5 V interface
Protection class IP 65
Operating temperature -10 °C – +50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C – +65 °C
RRP (euros, plus VAT) 299 499

Caption 1

The Tech 500 DP uniaxial digital protractor from STABILA is an ideal handheld unit for inspection and adjustment tasks, e.g. to check that grippers and brackets are parallel. Thanks to the large numbers and lighting that can be switched on, the digital display is easy to read even when lighting conditions are poor.

Caption 2

The Tech 500 DP can be mounted using a T-slot (above image), V-groove or a rare-earth magnet.

Caption 2

The Tech 1000 DP from STABILA can be connected to a machine controller. It features an interface for transferring measurement results to a computer connected via a USB data cable. Thanks to the STABILA Analytics evaluation software included in the scope of delivery, the data can be evaluated and documented even without any programming knowledge.

Photographs: STABILA

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