Dutch company CyBe is known in the AM construction world for its robotic 3D printing platform and special MORTAR material. We’ve followed the company in recent years, as it has worked on construction 3D printing projects around the world, including in New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and Italy. And while the company has been forthcoming about its ABB-based technology, the details of its MORTAR construction material have been fully under wraps. That is, until now.

When we spoke to CyBe founder and CEO Berry Hendricks back in July 2020, he told us some details about the company’s unique, fast-setting concrete. “I came across a family-run company that had this really fast-setting concrete, so the CyBe MORTAR is a co-development with them. The material is 30% our special compound, and then 70% is sand, and this can be sourced locally. We can also play with our compound to achieve different properties and cost.”

Now, the company has revealed who its partner is: Korodur, a manufacturer of specialized building materials based out of Amberg, Germany. Korodur and CyBe have now been working together for nearly a decade (their partnership was formalized in 2012).

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