Launch of the new

“A website that reflects us”

The new website for partners and interested parties of the HolzLand cooperation is now available at:,

A clear structure, useful content, an encounter at eye level –
Essential criteria in the run-up to the launch. “Nevertheless, it was particularly important to us, in addition to our partners, to fetch prospective customers emotionally via the new website. To show you who we are, how we work and what makes us a community. Emphasizing emotions was clearly the top priority throughout the planning and implementation phase “, commented Michael Sommer, Head of Membership Management at HolzLand, the intention of the new site.

Cooperation on HolzLand-Art
With the launch of the website, interested parties are to be given an insight into the world of HolzLand: they should be curious and understood as an invitation to get to know HolzLand in all its facets.
“We join in and know what we’re talking about – that’s exactly what we want to communicate with the new website,” continues Michael Sommer.

A new address
The launch of the website is also interesting for anyone who already knows HolzLand: on the one hand, the aim is to reaffirm the existing timber merchants and suppliers by working together with the right cooperation.
Here, too, the topic of emotion plays a major role as well as the proximity to the Cooperation. On the other hand, the website should also be used for the acquisition of new timber retailers and suppliers.
HolzLand appeals to the side innovative companies that work together with
want to achieve more cooperation and maintain long partnerships