KMR Cordless tools for Forestry, Farming and Landscaping

German Center for Forest Work and Technology (KWF) awards both cordless KMR Fence Stapler and D-Head Nailer with the popular KWF seal of approval KMR is arguably mainland Europe’s most revered and respected brand of handheld, powered fastening tools. Right across the continent and for more than a century, high end woodworkers, cabinet makers, time-saved joiners and other individuals with a real flair for working with wood have relied on KMR products to do their talents full justice.
In the meantime, also forest workers, farmers and winemakers appreciate the KMR cordless fence stapler and the D-head nailer.

The unique and very durable KMR 3845 Fence Stapler supports all ambitious foresters and farmers in a variety of applications, e.g. construction of protective and pasture fences, barbed wire attachments, fastening of vine wires. The KMR Fencing Staple marks a new dimension of corrosion resistance using the brandnew UltraGalv coating, composed of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium.

The result is remarkable:
*  Excellent corrosion resistance = 2-3 times better than zinc for the same coating weight
*  High protection – stronger than zinc
*  Increased pull out forces due to resin coated surface and divergent staple points

The handy and rapid KMR 3890 D-Head Nailer is the reliable companion for fixing and repairing wooden frame and fence construction as well as assembling cladding and battens.
Both cordless tools operate with an 80 ml gas fuel cell, enough power for at least 1.000 shots.

The KWF certifies that the devices can even drive staples or nails into frozen wood.


KMR Fence Stapler 3845 © Behrens Group
KMR D-Head Nailer 3890 © Behrens Group
KWF Award „Safe & Functional“


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