Hörmann will provide information on components as BIM data in the future

BIM (Building Information Modeling) plays a major role in the digitization of construction. With BIM, an entire construction project can be displayed in a digital model that bundles and centrally retrieves all relevant information for planning, execution and management. Hörmann will provide information on components as BIM data in the future. By using BIM, all those involved in the construction have constant access to the current planning status and are in a cross-divisional exchange during the entire construction process. Changes are constantly updated, increasing planning quality. Fundamental to the use of BIM by architects, engineers, contractors or facility managers are the deposited data that forms the basic source of information. Among other things, this includes up-to-date and accurate manufacturer data on the intended products. That is why Hörmann will gradually be offering BIM data for the product range from autumn onwards. Thus, architects and planners can draw on three-dimensional representations of the components of the gate and door manufacturer and accordingly see the digital image including all product information and variants even before installation

Source: https://www.hoermann.de/portal/portal-41/de/hoermann-bim-daten-fuer-hoermann-produkte/