After a solid start in the first quarter of 2018 with sales growth of 1.26%, the HolzLand cooperation posted an increase of 2.89% (11.9 million euros) in the second quarter of the financial year compared to the previous year. Sales in the German market increased to 2.07%. European business was also very pleasing at 6.16%. Especially the markets in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy performed above average.
Development of the product areas Looking at the individual product areas, the development in the areas of solid wood / planed goods (+7.28%) and Components (+ 4.57%).
“With regard to our own-brand portfolio, we are pleased about the good performance of the HQ – Doors World range. Since May 2017 we are active in the door area with our own brand and the market accepts this offer very well. We are curious to see how our range, available from August, HQ-MöbelWelt, will arrive at our customers.
We offer our members a well thought-out concept that enables them to raise the potential in the area of ​​the promising growth market for prefabricated furniture parts for end customers and to meet the demand for special requests and individual pieces of furniture, “explains
HolzLand Managing Director Andreas Ridder.