With HCR-36 you can offer your customers a fast, liquid and rigid PVC cement for joining pipes, sockets and fittings with interference fit in pressure- and drainage systems.
Griffon HCR-36 rigid PVC cement is the best solution for connections demanding a high chemical resistance to concentrated inorganic acids such as sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid.
HCR-36 is also suitable for PVC-C (max. 60°C) and can be used for diameters up to 160 mm and maximum 10 bar. For the best results Griffon HCR-36 is used in combination with Griffon HCR-36 Cleaner and Griffon Cleaner Cloth.
Indication of chemicals that require the use of HCR-36:
·         Sulphuric acid (H2SO4): concentrations > 70%
·         Hydrochloric acid (HCI): concentrations > 25%
·         Nitric acid (HNO3): concentrations > 20%
·         Caustic soda (NaOH): concentrations > 35%
·         Fluoric acid (HF): any concentration
·         Sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO): active chlorine content > 7,5%
So Griffon HCR-36 is a real ‘must have’ in your assortment for piping systems & installations requiring a high chemical resistance.
HCR-36 PVC Cement is available in 1l tin
HCR-36 PVC Cleaner is available in 500ml tin
Cleaner Cloth is available in a dispenser box of 100 pieces
Please contact your Griffon sales respresentative (or via salespro@boltonadhesives.com) to complete your ( C )PVC assortment with the Griffon HCR-36 products.