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 YBS SuperQuilt: Multiple solutions

Are you already familiar with the SuperQuilt isolation foil? SuperQuilt is a multilayer reflecting insulation that offers a lot of benefits.

This product offers the following significant benefits:

  • For renovations and new build
  • Cost-saving solution
  • Effective 2 in-1 insulation and vapor control membrane
  • Reduces Construction Depth
  • Reduces Risk of Condensation
  • Non-degradable maintaining thermal performance and product integrity

SuperQuilt floor insulation

You can easily save 30% energy by (post) insulating the crawl space with SuperQuilt as floor insulation. You can immediately feel the comfort of this foil. Your energy bill will drop if you use this foil. After installing floor insulation, a household used an average of 320 m3 less gas. That saves 210 euros per year on your energy bill and lands 600 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

SuperQuilt roof insulation

Roof insulation is essential in keeping your home or office comfortable. Did you know that about 30% of the heat leaves to house or space through the roof? At the same time, the roof must keep your house cool in summer. The multilayer reflective roof insulation SuperQuilt offers a solution here. This roof insulation gives the most optimal results in summer and winter. The foil can be used in renovation and new construction.

SuperQuilt wall insulation

Wall insulation is essential to keep your rooms warm. It prevents heat from leaving the room. The room must be warm in winter and cool in summer. SuperQuilt can be perfectly placed in the cavity or in a retaining wall during renovations or new construction.