From classic building materials trade to multi specialists

The history of Decker-Ries cannot be compared to a sprint. Founded in 1899, the success of this traditional Escher company is more reminiscent of a marathon run. One of the two successors in the company management, 34-year-old Laurent Decker is a marathon runner himself today, his enthusiasm for the long distance goes so far that he recently even mastered the Zermatt Ultra Marathon with a height difference of over 2000 meters. Exactly this persistence is a basic characteristic of the Decker-Ries company.


Experience has shown that family businesses are very stable companies that plan long term, build up their employees and attach great importance to environmental protection or local anchoring. However, the Achilles’ heel of these companies is often the question of succession. In this regard, however, Decker-Ries is a real stroke of luck. The current company manager Marc Decker has gradually been able to hand over a large part of the responsibility to his sons Laurent and Christophe. The two brothers complement each other perfectly, because as a business economist Laurent Decker is familiar with financial planning, while his brother Christophe as an engineer has the technical expertise


Building materials for private individuals, craftsmen and real estate developers

The company started as a classic building materials trade and today sells everything that is needed for construction on an area of over 20,000 m2 in Rue de Belval. This goes from rough building materials, facade systems, insulation and insulation materials, to numerous products for the garden and outdoor area and everything else that is needed for the shell, conversion, but also for design, embellishment and decoration.

In addition, doors, windows, parquet and in particular an enormously large selection of tiles are offered on 5000 square meters of exhibition space. This selection of both modern and classic floor and wall tiles is in the south of the country, and beyond, a household name for many customers planning a new kitchen or bathroom, and the reason to drop by at Decker-Ries. On site you will then find a variety of inspirations and ideas on how you can design your bathroom.


Kitchen equipment as a new area of expertise

In addition to the large bathroom and sanitary exhibition, Decker-Ries has recently also set up its own department with kitchens. The advice is given here by an interior designer, and customers can very easily have their dream kitchen simulated using 3D or even virtual reality. As in all departments of Decker-Ries, the product range and advice are geared towards quality and long-term customer and supplier relationships.

In addition to consulting, sales and administration, where around 35 people work, Decker-Ries has also had artisan departments for many decades, which today employ around 90 qualified employees. Decker-Ries can offer complete interior design with tile laying, parquet and carpentry work and the installation of bathrooms and kitchens from a single source. The sanitary and heating company Reckinger acts as a partner – also a traditional Escher company. For customers, this combination has the advantage that, even with a complete renovation, they have only one contact person who ensures the coordination of the individual work steps and the fast processing and cleanliness of the construction site. Decker-Ries tilers now lay around 100,000 m2 of tiles and the company’s own carpenters assemble around 5,000 doors a year, which speaks for the company’s development and experience.


Commitment to the environment

Both in the building materials trade and in the various craft departments, the company pays very close attention to environmental compatibility. The fleet of around 50 vehicles is constantly being renewed in order to be as emission-free as possible on the Escher streets. At Decker-Ries, waste separation distinguishes 14 categories of valuable and residual materials and the employees are consistently trained to take maximum care of the environment and cleanliness. Together with Sudstroum, a 400 square meter photovoltaic system was installed on the roof last year.

Laurent Decker wants to expand the advantages of digitalization in the future, because the technologies of virtual reality in particular offer the customer fascinating opportunities. Equipped with an appropriate VR mask, you can e.g. walk through a new bathroom or a new kitchen, which corresponds to the scale of your own, and with a click of the mouse you can change the color of the tiles or the arrangement of the sanitary facilities. In addition, Laurent Decker hopes to further expand the company’s range of services. The kitchen exhibition, which has been received with great success by customers, is to be expanded and a department for furniture and lighting will be added. With this, the Decker-Ries company continues to pursue its goal of further expanding its range of services and thus offering building materials trading, interior design and interior furnishing close to the customer from a single source!


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