A new sales area to combine tradition and innovation

With 119 years of experience in the Luxembourg market, Baucenter Decker-Ries decided to take another step towards modernity by developing its showroom. With more than 5,000 m2 of exhibition halls, the company offers its customers the full range of its know-how. Laurent Decker, director of Baucenter Decker-Ries, returns with us on the assets of the centenary company.


Describe us the company and its various departments.
Founded in 1899, Decker-Ries now offers the most comprehensive product line in the construction and housing world, providing unparalleled service and advice. Decker-Ries’ activities are diversified and divided into four departments: building materials, tiles & sanitary, carpentry and kitchens.
In the historical department of building materials trade, our products range from structural and civil engineering materials to specialized facade, insulation and roof products, as well as a wide selection of building products. ‘surroundings. In this context, we are a privileged partner for municipalities and construction companies, but also for private customers. We supply them with varied products, guaranteeing a technical advice and a great reactivity. For example, a fleet of truck cranes, vans, elevators, excavators and other utility vehicles provide fast transportation and delivery to our customers’ job sites or homes.


With regard to our tiling & sanitary, carpentry and kitchen departments, our extensive and comprehensive range of services aims first and foremost to provide customers with maximum skills so that they can address a single contact for all their requests. . Indeed, the spectrum of Decker-Ries’ services is so wide that the client must not multiply the construction and trade
performs work. Thus, he can give free rein to his imagination and seek advice from our specialists in our showrooms, which are among the largest in the country.
You have recently renovated your showrooms. What do they have of particular?
Our indoor exhibition halls span three floors and more than 5,000 m2 and form the core of our activities. We showcase the refinement of our spaces and the quality of our services in the unique atmosphere of the “House of Bath” with many bathroom scenarios and in the interactive world of doors with more than 100 different elements exposed or in our exclusive showroom of latest generation kitchens. All these spaces are connected by a new elevator to allow a passage and an optimal circulation between the different exposures.


In this context, the company Decker-Ries today offers a complete interior design from A to Z, combining the different services, tiles and sanitary woodwork with interior and exterior doors, windows wood, PVC or aluminum , solar awnings, a vast choice of parquet floors, custom-made furniture, stretch ceilings and fitted kitchens. Our know-how is also illustrated through the execution of our work by a skilled and experienced workforce.
“Our surroundings program is exhaustive and allows to satiate any thirst for creation”
What about your outdoor exposure?


Our outdoor exhibition, newly renovated and expanded over 800 m2, is a source of inspiration that allows our guests to create green spaces, house entrances, garage ramps and terraces where they can find calm essential to relax daily in the open air. With a wide range of pavements, pavers, natural stones and all the laying materials, the outdoor exhibition space also offers a wide range of accessories such as stairs, palisades, gravels, multicolored pebbles, decorative elements , flower boxes, blinds, terrace wood and outdoor lighting. Our program of surroundings is exhaustive and allows to quench any thirst for creation.


What innovative products are exposed in your different spaces?
Innovation is at the center of our exhibitions and we are constantly looking for new quality products at the cutting edge of technology and aesthetics. Our advisors regularly visit specialized fairs and manufacturing plants and take part in internal and external training courses to give them a genuine desire for innovation and to develop their knowledge of technological developments.
In addition, for generations, our company only works with renowned suppliers that we fully trust. These partners are generally specialized and globally recognized companies that provide us with incomparable quality and responsiveness.


Ultra-large floor tiles, high-security entrance doors, illuminated ceilings, “invisible” kitchen hoods, eco-friendly bamboo decking are just some of the elements in our ever-changing, exclusive showroom.
What are your plans for the future?
With a century-old history, the experience and passion of its employees who invest in it every day and the trust of its customers, the Decker-Ries company will continue to diversify and develop its various activities by focusing on quality of service, an impressive range of sales in construction and housing, and a truly innovative corporate culture, as a company built on a strong and sustainable foundation but with a strong future-oriented focus.


Baucenter Decker-Ries

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