Starachowice, 29.01.2020 r.

New collections from Cerrad

Nothing is more soothing to our mind than the colours and textures taken from nature. While designing our new tile collections, we focused on the combination of beauty and uniqueness of marble, minimalism and modernity of concrete and the durability and strength of porcelain stoneware tiles. The new collections amaze with their colours and structures, creating an exceptional mood in every type of interior. They can be used both in modern, in both, modern and classic concepts.  In the past, marble was exclusively used in the interiors of stately homes and other such privileged places.  Today, marble suits any style and interior type, and our porcelain stoneware tiles are a lovely representation of this natural design, and each day they are more and more desired by fans of elegant, timeless spaces, arranged with a subtle hint of the latest trends.

Masterstone is a guarantee of elegance, style and unconventional solutions in any interior. Inspired by the Fior Di Bosco stone, this collection of porcelain stoneware tiles combines the elegance of stone with a subtle pattern of metamorphic rocks. Thanks to this creative combination, one can create an elegant space attractive to every luxury lover.

With its white tints, the Calacatta White collection shows the Statuario lines of the most beautiful white marble, with excellent precision.  The polished surface of these tiles is reminiscent of Mediterranean like interiors, while the matt version fits perfectly into modern aesthetics, complementing wood and metal textures.

The Calacatta Gold collections is where we find beautiful veining patterns of luxury marble in porcelain stoneware tiles to add glamour and a timeless elegance to the interior. Tiles in white and grey colours, with slight gold tinting, brighten and revitalise the arranged space, and in combination with distinctive accents of the decors, add a unique character to the interior. An appropriate selection of the Calacatta Gold tile format gives the impression of a uniform surface that resembles a monolithic block of marble.

The collection with densely dispersed golden veining gives every interior an elegant, noble and glamorous feel. Inspired by fine marble, the Marquina porcelain stoneware tile collection is primarily intended for fans of elegant, timeless interiors arranged with a subtle reference to the latest trends. The tones of the tiles perfectly represent the complex veining of natural stone, giving any space the look and feel of luxurious ambience. The Marquina Gold tile collection, designed for wall and floor

applications, injects luxury into the living room, kitchen or bathroom, where care concerning the quality of finishing materials is combined with a unique ambience.

Concrete is currently one of the most popular materials used in interior design. It fits perfectly not only into lofts and industrial spaces, but also into cosy rooms when combined with warm decor and additions. It is always loved by fans of minimalism and appreciated by various interior designers. It attracts attention, evokes admiration and breaks free of the routine, giving a wide range of design possibilities.

Fans of minimalistic interiors will greatly enjoy the structure of concrete that inspired the Softcement tile collection. An already interesting structure along with patchwork accents, is a mix of several interior design trends, that create an interesting and consistent composition in the collection. The imitation of concrete in three shades of grey, combined with very attractive decor and tiles with 3D-print structure, adds a new and interesting character to any room. The Softcement collection is recommended to customers that would like to capture the energy and harmony of subtle and consistent interiors.