Supplier Bosch
Supplier Bosch

The easiest accessory-change system for angle grinders:
X-Lock – a world first from Bosch for professionals

Change accessories quickly, easily and reliably

– Convenient: Minimum-effort tool-free system without parts that can get lost
– Efficient: Quick accessory changes and less reworking
– Extensive: Angle grinder and accessories for every application

One click is all you need: With X-Lock, Bosch is revolutionizing the way angle grinder accessories are changed and launching the simplest accessory-change system on the market. Instead of following several steps which require a great deal of effort and parts that can get lost, such as tensioning nuts, flanges and keys, you can now change your accessories in five seconds ‒ up to five times faster ‒ and much more easily: Position the wheel in the X-Lock mount, click it in – and you’re good to go! The clicking sound lets you know that the accessory is correctly mounted on the device and is locked in reliably. To change a disc, simply unlock it using the lever and remove it. Seized-up nuts after the disc has jammed are a thing of the past. There are twelve small X-Lock angle grinders available: eight corded models from 900 to 1,900 watts and four cordless models with 18 volt batteries and common disc diameters of 115 and 125 millimeters. This range covers all the areas of application for metal-, stone-, and concrete-processing trades, plumbers and tilers. Cutting, grinding, deburring, removing rust, roughing, polishing: Thanks to X-Lock, the required accessories can always be changed quickly, easily and reliably – without a wrench, and even while wear-ing gloves. Bosch has already set a number of milestones in quick-change sys-tems, with the SDS plus and SDS max for rotary hammers, the T-shaft for jig-saws and the Starlock for multi-cutters in cooperation with Fein.

One system, many benefits – work more efficiently with X-Lock
The X-lock system also saves professionals from extensive reworking because it has no tensioning nut. This enables tradespeople to grind at a flat angle without damaging surfaces. Furthermore, X-Lock indicates the accessory’s mounting di-rection and ensures that direction-specific discs, such as diamond cutting discs, are always mounted correctly.

Extensive range of accessories for every application
With more than 130 X-Lock accessories, Bosch is offering tradespeople a com-plete range right from the start. For metal processing, they can choose from a broad selection of cutting, roughing, fiber, SCM and flap discs, as well as cup and round brushes. For stone, concrete or tile processing, diamond cutting discs, diamond dry core drills and diamond milling cutters are available. In addition, the “Carbide Multi Wheel” carbide cutting disk is available for cutting wood containing nails, plastic, composite or drywall construction materials. When switching to the X-Lock system, there is no need for duplicate stock: Almost all X-Lock accesso-ries are backwardly compatible and can be used on angle grinders with conven-tional clamping systems. The exception is accessories, which previously had an integrated thread, such as diamond dry core drills or cup and round brushes.

Increased occupational health and safety
Angle grinders with X-Lock systems offer tradespeople high user protection. That includes sensor-based functions such as “Drop Control” and “KickBack Control”. The “Drop Control” stops the motor as soon as the tool hits the floor after it falls, while the “KickBack Control” stops the motor if the angle grinder is suddenly blocked, for example if the wheel jams. Some X-Lock models also have a dead-man’s switch and “X Brake”. The brake function ensures that the disk comes to a complete stop within one second of the tool stopping. There are also versions with soft start, restart protection and an auxiliary handle with vibration damping.
The Bosch angle grinders with the X-Lock system and the extensive range of accessories will be on the market from May 2019, and the GWX 17-150 Profes-sional from October. All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT.

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