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Robert Bosch Venture Capital launches Fonds IV with 200 million euros

*„ Artificial Intelligence: RBVC involved in three of the most promising AI start ups worldwide

„ * Bosch CEO Denner: “Want to promote technologies in future fields and strengthen our innovative power.”

„* Bosch cooperates with start-ups in open innovation projects

Stuttgart – Investments in start-ups are rising. Institutional investors and companies invested € 147 billion in 2017. That’s almost three times as much as 2012.
Bosch is also increasing its investment volume in external start-ups and is providing its venture capital subsidiary Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) with 200 million euros for a fourth fund. “Shaping the future also means recognizing good ideas early on and helping them to make a breakthrough. As a leading provider of the Internet of Things, we want to drive forward technologies in future fields such as artificial intelligence, “explains Dr. med. Volkmar Denner, CEO of Robert Bosch GmbH. RBVC is already involved with DeepMap, Graphcore and Syntiant at three of the world’s most promising AI start ups. “We do not just invest in start-ups, we also cooperate with them in open innovation projects. This is how we strengthen our innovative power. “Open innovation means that customers, researchers, suppliers and partners are specifically involved in the innovation activities of companies.
RBVC, one of Europe’s largest corporate investors, specializes in innovative technology start-ups. The portfolio includes more than 35 companies in the areas of autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) or distributed ledger technologies such as Blockchain.


Open Innovation: Use technology trends at an early stage

The investment professionals of RBVC look at more than 2,000 start ups each year. Around one hundred are shortlisted. “We invest in six to ten selected companies per year. In addition to capital, we also offer know-how and operational support. In addition, we bring start-ups together with operative Bosch units, “explains Philipp Rose, Commercial Director of RBVC. These co-operations benefit both the young companies and Bosch. Start-ups are given the opportunity to become suppliers, customers or technology partners. Bosch in turn has access to the latest technologies at an early stage and can incorporate these into its own innovations. “Open innovation is a win-win situation for start-ups and companies,” says Rose. “In doing so, we ensure that the know-how of start-ups remains in the start-ups.” Bosch is already cooperating with more than one hundred companies in open-innovation projects.

Portfolio: Unicorns and successful exits

Sunnyvale (USA), Frankfurt and Stuttgart (Germany), Tel Aviv (Israel), Shanghai (China): RBVC has its own locations and contacts in the worldwide technology hotspots. “We are a global investor operating locally,” explains Dr. Ingo Ramesohl, Technical Director of RBVC. “We are committed locally and know the markets. At the same time, we offer start-ups a worldwide network, as we only invest in companies that are relevant to Bosch’s business. ”
The portfolio includes successful companies engaged in topics such as machine learning, semiconductor development and IoT. Three examples: British processor maker Graphcore produces AI hardware to accelerate machine learning. In 2018, the company received the largest venture capital funding round in Europe and is currently valued at $ 1.7 billion. “Since the first round of financing, we have supported Graphcore not only financially, but also with our network and know-how,” explains Ramesohl. RBVC also invested early in Sensoro. Today, the company is China’s leading provider of IoT solutions in cities. Another example is the American company DeepMap, which creates high-precision maps for autonomous vehicles.

Like any institutional venture capitalist, RBVC has the ultimate goal of selling its stake at a profit. For example, Movidius, a manufacturer of image processing processors, has been acquired by Intel, and cyber security company SecurityMatters is now part of ForeScout Technologies, a network security provider.


Graphcore IPU
Dr. rer. nat. Volkmar Denner
Dr. Ingo Ramesohl
Philip Rose
Dr. Ingo Ramesohl (l.) und Philipp Rose (r.)

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