Supplier Bosch
Supplier Bosch

Reliably identifies weak spots:
Bosch GTC 400 C Professional thermal imager

Detect temperature differences at a glance
– Fast exchange: Data transfer to the Bosch Measuring Master App
– Simple assignment: Thermal and real images are taken simultaneously
– Flexible operation: Dual power supply using 12 volt or alkaline batteries

Create clarity from the first evaluation through to the documentation – tradespeople on construction sites can work efficiently and save time by using the GTC 400 C Professional thermal imager from Bosch. The tool generates a conclusive thermal image with detailed information, and therefore helps to assess the situation quickly. Additionally, it provides important findings for preparing offers and enables the results of work to be checked.

Fast overview of weak spots and possible damage.
Checking that radiators and underfloor heating work evenly, detecting overheating in electrical installations or finding thermal bridges, energy losses and sources of air draft – all this is simple to complete using the thermal imager. The GTC 400 C Professional reliably identifies weak spots and provides tradespeople with a fast overview – for instance to ensure that no underfloor heating lines are damaged when installing drywalls. The thermal imager accompanies and assists tradespeople in every phase of their project: From advising customers with a visualization of the problem areas, to preparatory tasks such as inspecting where lines are installed, through to efficient documentation and follow-up work.

Fast data exchange and further processing via smartphone or PC
The GTC 400 C Professional is equipped with a Wi-Fi module which the tool
uses to establish its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Users can connect their smartphone
or tablet to the tool and import the thermal images, including the measured data, to Bosch’s Measuring Master App. This makes it possible to pass the thermal images produced and the measured data on to customers, colleagues or other trades. The images taken can be edited directly in the app, and notes or information can be added. Alternatively, the raw data of the thermal images can also be transferred to a PC by micro USB connection in order to edit this data using the free GTC Transfer Software, or to create reports and offers.

Deep information and real image camera for simple assignment
With a wide field of view of 71 degrees, the thermal imager provides a detailed picture, even when the image is taken near the object. In the saved thermal images with a resolution of 160 x 120, each of the 19,200 pixels on the 3.5 inch display corresponds exactly to one measuring point and provides a detailed, informative thermal image. Thanks to the high thermal sensitivity, even the smallest temperature differences can be displayed.
The operation of the tool is intuitive. For example, the image-in-image function can be activated at the push of a button. This displays the thermal image within the context of the original image, which makes it easier to assign and locate measurements. To make slight temperature differences or contrasts even more visible, users can choose between different color modes for displaying the thermal image. The tool automatically marks the coldest and warmest pixel on request.
This allows loose terminals in control cabinets to be located, for example.
The dynamic scale automatically adapts to the minimum and maximum values measured, but can also be fixed using lock mode. This provides a standardized reference scale with identical visualization, which can be useful for measurements in several rooms with different temperatures.

The dual power supply provides users with flexibility: The tool can be operated both with a replaceable 12 volt rechargeable battery from the Professional range and with four alkaline AA non-rechargeable batteries. For use on construction sites, the tool has IP 53 dust and splash protection.
The GTC 400 C Professional thermal imager will be available from November.
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