“The hard worker”: that’s how Porto’s residents define their city.

While Lisbon has fun, Coimbra studies and Braga prays, Porto works, as the popular saying goes… Quite the symbol for our group, and a true example for our annual international gathering.

It is in Portugal, therefore, that the latest edition of BigMat’s international conference will take place from Wednesday 17th October to Sunday 21st October 2018.

The country’s second largest city in terms of population, Porto has quickly become one of the most sought-after destinations in Western Europe. Lively, fascinating and diverse, it possesses a huge number of historic buildings, and can be proud to see its name included on Unesco’s protected sites list and several of its ancient neighbourhoods classed as World Heritage Sites.

Year after year, our conference forms part of a process which aims to strengthen the effective implementation of our international strategy within our national contexts, based on boosting and expanding our brand. This is why we are so satisfied that this event continues to take place and to see ever closer cooperation between all members of BigMat.

The profound changes which are currently taking place in the world of construction and distribution are of the greatest concern to us and present major challenges. Porto 2018 thus represents a decisive step by our brand in its quest to successfully and insightfully tackle these strategic issues from an international perspective. After identifying our ability and interest in acting, this meeting will focus on a close examination of these matters with a view to facilitating the adoption of our brand and strategy in the current market.


Source: http://www.bigmat.com/2018-congress-in-porto/?%3E