The BigMat Group is a leader in Trentino and increasingly strong in Veneto and Campania


The presence of BigMat in Italy is strengthened and consolidated and the month of January opens with some important news in Trentino, Veneto and Campania.

In fact, the leadership of BigMat in Trentino is reaffirmed in 2019, where the newborn BigMat GiBe Srl – the result of the merger by incorporation of BigMat Tuttedil and BigMat Enderle – is reconfirmed as one of the most important players in the sale of building materials in Trentino with a total turnover of 14 million euros and 50 disputants. The two companies have joined their 7 Sales Points (located in Castelletto di Ton, in Revò, in Andalo, in Cunevo, in Panchià, in Ravina and in Trento) under a single sign that takes its name from the owner and sole director Gianpaolo Bertò, already owner of BigMat Tuttedil, which declares: «It has been an opportunity for commercial development and necessary dimensional growth, today to be strong on the market we need to be widespread in the area and offer a high quality service to the customer so we decided to incorporate the two societies, unity is strength “.

The range of products available from BigMat GiBe sales points offers companies and individuals all the necessary to build and renovate the house, but also hardware and materials for agriculture.
Space also for interior design and finishes in the two showrooms in Castelletto di Ton (TN) and Trento with specialization not only in the supply of materials but also in the installation, especially for hotels and accommodation facilities.

“In order to offer increasingly targeted services and create an even more efficient team, we have strengthened our staff, employing two other employees and the workers, as well as four external collaborators”, explains Bertò. In fact, the objective is to proceed with the integration of the two companies, keeping all the sales points currently active and then expanding the sales coverage in the areas of Trentino that are still not served.

With this reconfiguration, BigMat consolidates its presence in the Trentino area, where it currently has 20 points of sale.
«We are very pleased to have chosen in 2016 to be part of the BigMat Group, where it is possible to deal with different realities, even international – says Bertò – and network with a view to synergy and comparison, independence and interdependence, to evolve strategically and to better face the most dynamic markets ».

In Veneto, on the other hand, the entry of BigMat Edilklima increases the number of BigMat points of sale in the region by one third, from 11 to 16 stores.

A solid and well-distributed reality in the province of Vicenza with 5 points of sale in San Vito di Leguzzano, Monticello Conte Otto, Montecchio Maggiore, Fara Vicentino and Arsiero, occupying a total of 41 people specialized in technical advice for soundproofing, thermal insulation and fire safety. The company was founded in 2007 when Roberto Battocchio, Giuseppe Dal Maistro and Fabio Garzotto decided to share the experience gained in the historic family businesses to create the first Edilklima warehouse that in 2009 became Edilklima Group Spa.

With a turnover of + 3% in 2018, the company is today a point of reference for construction companies, designers, craftsmen and even private individuals from the Vicenza area.

“Entering BigMat is an opportunity for us to grow,” said Roberto Battocchio, one of the three directors of BigMat Edilklima. We are always looking for new incentives and challenges that allow us to increase our competitiveness on the market, with BigMat we also have the opportunity to dialogue with other companies in the sector with which to share issues and resources with a view to constructive and mutual comparison » . BigMat Edilklima offers a wide range of materials to build and renovate the house, with great attention to living comfort and a proposal for thermosetting, breathable and eco-compatible insulation solutions; products for the construction of walls, counter-walls, ceilings, false ceilings and underfloors but also tools, power tools, accessories and spare parts, hardware, technical clothing and everything needed for the color world thanks to the tinting system with over 15 thousand color formulas for paints and plaster.

The company also has four floor and wall showrooms (one in every store except the one in Montecchio Maggiore), for a total of about 25,000 square meters dedicated to the latest trends in interior finishes, outdoor and bathroom furnishings.

Finally, in Campania the 2019 BigMat opens with the entrance of Edil Saba of Baronissi (SA), one of the main construction centers of the Ilrno valley, located in a strategic position in the area between Salerno, Caserta and Naples, which is experiencing a good demographic growth that pushes the realization of new housing complexes.

With BigMat, Salerno’s business, founded in 1976 by the entrepreneurial spirit of Sabatino Abate, aims to consolidate its position on the local market: “We are confident that the entry into BigMat will give a great boost to the activity, reinforcing our identity and visibility on the territory – says Sabatino Abate, owner of BigMat Edil Saba -. A growth supported by synergy and comparison with the other Group Members and by the solid partnership with suppliers ».

Ten thousand square meters on which develops the reality of BigMat Edil Saba between construction materials and heavy construction and a showroom of finishes. A wide range of products and solutions available to businesses, artisans, professionals and individuals who choose the professionalism and competence of the staff made up of a dozen employees. Traditional materials and green building materials, hardware, plumbing and heating, floors and walls, taps and accessories for bathroom furnishings make up the offer of the Salerno sales point, with great attention also to technical training and deepening in collaboration with companies and partner suppliers.


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