Gripline Durable

As part of our Gripline brand we developed the Durable series: a wide range of buckets and tubs which are smoother and feature a more attractive finish. These buckets are lighter as well, which means fewer CO2 emissions during production. The modified “angle of slope” yields additional advantages. When stacking the buckets, the modified angle of slope allows for more air between the buckets. There is no longer any need to twist and pull them apart, which saves a great deal of time when handling them. The potent plastic smell that most people are accustomed to with these types of products is now permanently a thing of the past. As a result, giving the buckets a prominent position at point of sale is more appealing.

The Durable buckets, tubs and bins are Der Blaue Engel certificated. That is the official German environmental certification mark, awarded to us because our tubs are made of 100% recycled, certified materials that have been resourced from plastic household rubbish. Our buckets are at 80% because they have a steel handle.

The TÜV certificates that come along with the Durable series prove that these products meet the standards set for safety, quality, environment, energy, CSR, and sustainability. It is needless to say that in construction, it is very important for the safety of people working with Berdal buckets and tubs that these items have the required loading capacity. The TÜV certification assures this.

To sum up: Gripline Durable provides the most durable range of buckets and tubs in the European world of construction. Developed and produced by a company that participates in the Plastic Pact: a joint effort to keep making high quality products, but with 20% less plastic processed in the year 2025. Next to that, Berdal is making progress in becoming the first company within our industry to be Cradle-to-Cradle certificated in 2020.

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Pandser Fast Flash

Pandser is our brand for roof, gutter and facade. EPDM (synthetic roof rubber) has long been essential to today’s construction world. Pandser EPDM offers the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for various water- and windproofing problems. Pandser is thé brand for roof, gutter, and facade.

Fast Flash is a part of the Pandser concept. This is an innovative, self-adhesive lead replacement based on environmentally friendly polymers, with aluminum reinforcement and a fully self-adhesive, lower layer.

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