Berdal – new “House of Brands”.

As a partner of wholesalers and retail chains, we gladly think along with you about the way in which we can offer our products in a more successful and profitable manner to end users. That is the reason why we reviewed and further developed our brand strategy. This makes it even clearer for both the professional and the independent handyman what brand matches their project. As an umbrella organisation, Berdal connects the brands Pandser, Gripline, Premiumfol, Konvox and FENTO and assures as such the quality and sustainability of the product range.





Pandser offers construction professionals all the materials needed to seal roofs, gutters and facades. With this total concept of materials, tools and accessories, we offer the most sustainable and environmental-friendly solutions for several issues related to humidity and air sealing. In addition to the well-known EPDM strips, roof membranes and lead substitutes, Pandser now also supplies reinforced membranes, spunbond membranes, DPC and construction membranes and matching tapes. Professionals will therefore be able to apply Pandser’s air and moisture barriers to the entire building envelope. We are also working on the further development of our PE foils in terms of thickness and packaging of the material.





As a Pandser dealer, you benefit from an appealing shop concept, supplemented by an online product environment, clear instruction videos for professional end users, demo days and a website referring to your point of sale. We expect you to be able to present our extensive Pandser range in a new look starting Q3 of this year.



We will soon share more news relating to our brands. Do you have questions regarding the developments around our brands or the possibilities Pandser has to offer? Contact our sales team via