ALMELO Berdal, a specialist in plastic and rubber products, is introducing the Konvox brand. The Konvox product range consists of subassortments of the current brands Foliefol and Loadlok Retail. The latter was recently acquired by the Almelo company. Berdal opted for a new name to prevent it from being confused with the Loadlok brand in Europe, during the rollout of the former Loadlok Retail range.

A new brand


Over the past few months, Berdal has been busy developing a name to match its new range of products for securing transport goods and protecting construction professionals. The name Konvox is a contraction of the words ‘convoy’ and ‘fox’. A convoy is a group of vehicles traveling together for safety reasons, which refers to the product range. The resourceful fox symbolizes the smart solutions of the brand. This is also reflected in the payoff: Smart solutions for transport & construction.

Gradual rollout of new brand strategy


To avoid waste, Berdal is first phasing out the current Loadlok material. When they have run out of the current stock of packaging materials, products will be offered in recognisable Konvox packaging. Konvox is the first manifestation of Berdal’s new brand strategy. In the context of their 50th anniversary this year, they are working on the further development of all their brands.