Once more, lots of things are going on at Zell am Moos and our site is scarcely recognisable.

Where two years ago there was a small wooded area at our company entrance, now there’s a modern new building – consisting of an office building and production halls (total area of new building 14,550 m², total area of company premises 100,000 m²).

The new production halls are currently being filled with the latest high-tech equipment and the first test runs can get underway in the next few weeks. Including with the following machinery/systems:

–          Double band saw for efficient production

–          Planing line for MDF and solid wood with 11 spindles for optimal processing

–          New wrapping line

–          Automatic cutting saw

–          Automatic infeed of MDF/solid wood using robots for separating the boards for the cutting and band saw

–          Robots for automatic stacking of the finished skirting bundles (now up to 6 m possible)

–          Lacquering machines


These and other high-tech systems will ensure that we can continue to serve you with products of absolutely top quality and the fastest delivery service in the future, and that joint, successful growth is possible at all times!


But we’re not neglecting sustainability either, because the entire new building has been constructed in an energy-efficient manner. Sustainable action and cross-generational thinking are deeply rooted in our company history. In this regard, we always understands sustainability as the equal and simultaneous implementation of environmental, social and economic objectives. This includes environmentally friendly, resource-saving manufacturing and the development of products and solutions with the lowest possible emissions, and means efficient and cost-conscious processes along the entire value chain.


But above all, we always pursue sustainability’s social component, because long-term relationships with you and our business partners – as well as with our employees – are very important to us.




The photovoltaic system (1 MW) installed on the new building can save CO2 emissions of 482,870 kg per year. The system is designed in such a way that almost all of the electricity generated can be used directly in the company (86.2% self-consumption).

In addition, electricity is also generated from two of the company’s own hydroelectric power plants and used in the company. Heating is provided, among other things, using the company’s own wood chips and the chips produced in production. By investing in a new, energy-efficient biomass heating system, emissions can be reduced by about 50% compared to the old system through CO2 neutral firing. And the new filter system (cloth filter) reduces dust emissions from 150 mg/Nm³ to 10 mg/Nm³.


In addition, investments have been made in rapid and AC charging stations as well as radar-controlled car park lighting. Here, state-of-the-art LED lamps are used, thus saving 80% energy – and thus 5,300 kg CO2 per year as well.

Optimised compressed air treatment results in a potential reduction of CO2 emissions by 36,258 kg per year.

In addition, we also have a special extraction system for plastic chips so that these can be recycled as well.



Because anyone who wants to help shape the future must think in terms of resource conservation and act in a socially responsible manner. High-performance solutions that have no sustainability standards or genuine customer benefit are inconceivable to us.