Wicanders launches Hydrocork 2.0

Launched in 2015, Hydrocork remains as one of Wicanders’ best-sellers. Now the company reinvents Hydrocork, launching its 2.0 version.


After the success of Hydrocork’s global launch in 2015, Wicanders continues to bet on this revolutionary product, launching Hydrocork 2.0.

The well know features of Hydrocork made this product the biggest success in terms of sales in the history of Wicanders – it’s a low thickness solution, easy to install thanks to its revolutionary PressFit compression system (with no noise and no dust) and also waterproof.

The brand launches this year the Hydrocork 2.0 version, with some upgrades that make the product even more competitive.

Aligned with the company’s environmental concerns and with the aim to offer more sustainable solutions, this new version of Hydrocork has an increased recycled materials content in the product’s core.

Hydrocork’s collection of wood visuals is also now available in 1225x195x6mm dimension for all 27 visuals, aligned with the new trends and the market demand for wider planks.

Besides these upgrades, the incorporation of more recycled materials make for a more rigid core with a higher density (about 11%), which translates into a stronger locking system.


Source : https://wicanders.com/en/home/rangedetail/hydrocork/