Supplier SafetyJogger
Supplier SafetyJogger

As you know with the lightweight collection we have an amazing Safety Jogger collection coming up. To support the sales and to have a successful product launch, below insights on what has been created.


We have created a product video and a product review video with subtitles in 4 languages. The videos are placed on YouTube and mentioned on our landings page. Shared on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Of course no marketing campaign without great visuals.

View the pictures here



On the homepage you will find a banner which takes you to the landing page.

Visit the landing page



The provided a lightweight collection leaflet that includes all necessary information that is relevant for B2B and B2C, so no prices. It is also the first leaflet that has been translated in English, German and French, so that the content is native for English, French and German speaking clients.


Englisch : leaflet-en

French : leaflet-fr

German : leaflet-de


Ipad presentation.

For the sales on the road we have made a exclusive IPAD presentation. It includes the product movie, product details, technical features, shoe box presentation, shop in the shop concept, marketing support,… everything to convince the retailer.

Download the presentation


Marketing Support.

We have provided one location where you can find all related files to this campaign and you can share this with your retailers. Such as catalogs, leaflets, video, social (post, banners and carousels), A1 Posters, photos,…

Find the campaign files.