Breathing made easier.

3M™ Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Mask, 4000+ Series.

Studies show how important comfort and convenience are in helping ensure workforces comply with regulations and maintain performance levels whilst wearing respirators*. At 3M we recognise this and have applied our proven skills in respiratory protection to significantly improve the wearing experience for our reusable respirator users with the new 3M™ Maintenance-Free Reusable Half Mask, 4000+.


Engineered for improved breathing ease, the evolution of 3M’s most popular maintenance-free reusable half mask is convenient to use, reassuringly reliable and now provides newly engineered improvements in comfort**. The 4000+ Series Half Mask now features a redesigned valve assembly that helps reduce exhalation-breathing resistance by over 30 %**. In combination with the tried and tested 3M particulate filter media, 4000+ offers users improved exhalation breathing resistance at higher work rates.


3M™ 4000+ Series Respirators are made from unique bonded carbon technology which allows the respirator to sit close to the face and fit well under many other types of protective equipment. The integrated cartridge and filters mean they’re ready to use and convenient, with no parts assembly or maintenance required.


They’re designed for effective and comfortable protection against many gases, vapours and combination particulate hazards found throughout industry. Unique filter technology allows for a low-profile, providing an undisturbed view that helps to make your work life more comfortable.


Four variants are available with varying protection levels, allowing users to choose a mask with their required Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL).


4000+ Features:


Breathing comfort

  • New enhanced exhalation valve assembly reduces breathing resistance by over 30%*
  • Proven to consistently exceed CE standard requirements for breathing ease


Wear comfort

  • Soft and flexible face seal
  • Lightweight and well-balanced half mask
  • Low-profile and ergonomic design for optimal field of vision
  • Easily adjustable straps for a secure, comfortable fit


Convenient to use

  • Ready-to-use, maintenance free construction with integrated filters
  • Designed to suit many eyewear and hearing protection models from 3M
  • Resealable bag provides convenient and clean storage between uses
  • 4 versions available, each offering effective protection against differing hazards in the workplace
  • Proven to consistently exceed minimum standards for filter service life


* Johnson Journal of Biological Engineering (2016) 10:4 DOI 10.1186/s13036-016-0025-4. Factors influencing the implementation of RPE programmes in the workplace – UK HSE Research Report 798

**Based on sales of 3M reusable respirators in Europe, Middle East & Africa between 2010 and 2018.


***Exhalation breathing resistance of 3M™ 4000+ reduced by >30 % for 120 lpm peak exhalation flow and >35 % for 160 lpm compared to 3M™ 4000 Series. Results measured by 3M in 2017 under laboratory conditions. Breathing rates shown as an example only.