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Ulrich Wolf hands over chair to Dr. Eckard Kern

Exactly 120 days after joining the Management of EUROBAUSTOFF Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Bad Nauheim, Dr. Eckard Kern as of 1st August 2017 now also chairs the top management level. He thus replaces Ulrich Wolf, who after 12 years of very successful work for the cooperation and the industry clears his position and also retires for reasons of age at the end of this year from the company. Jörg Hoffmann and Hartmut Möller constitute with Dr. Kern the EURBAUSTOFF Management.

Dr. Kern is since 3rd April working for the company as Managing Director and designated successor to Wolf. Dr. Eckard Kern (49), until the end of April 2015 Managing Director of Villeroy & Boch Fliesen GmbH and subsequently working as consultant, used the first weeks to get to know the internal structure of the cooperation and of the headquarters. These included also many visits to the shareholders. “These four months were extremely profitable for me. Above all the many talks with Ulrich Wolf. He has talked openly about all the peculiarities within a cooperation and disclosed what is often only readable between the lines. This was a perfect preparation for the current task”, assures Dr. Kern.

The open word has been maintained by Ulrich Wolf in his entire term of office. The success always proved him to be right. Only a few months after the merger of the former cooperations Interbaustoff and Interpares-Mobau, he began his work in Bad Nauheim with the integration of very different dealer characters. He accelerated the expansion in German-speaking countries and began the internationalization of the cooperation with the Austrian Bauwelt shareholders, the Dutch partner Timber & Building (formerly PontMeyer) and the 13 Swiss builders merchants. All in all, he succeeded to almost double the purchasing volume in the headquarters. In 2017 the cooperation will for the first time skip over the 6 Billion EUR hurdle.

Also Dr. Kern as new Chairman has found his topics for the future: “Two topics are at the top of the agenda. This is, of course, the digitalization of our business processes and the logistical challenges. We must also look for new, further growth potentials, so as to continue the success story of Ulrich Wolf.”. He puts a risk on the supply side: “We expect that in the future the one or the other supplier will try to soften the proven 3-steps sales channel. We must be very vigilant. The more solidarity and commitment we have within our EUROBAUSTOFF community, the better we will succeed.”


Smooth change in the EUROBAUSTOFF Management: Ulrich Wolf (right) hands over to Dr. Eckard Kern


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