Green laser lines – optimum visibility in bright indoor lighting conditions

Annweiler, Germany, 30.06.2017 – Compared to conventional red lasers, green lasers offer three crucial advantages: the laser lines are four times more visible than red lasers, they are razor sharp and are suitable for a larger working area thanks to their brightness and clarity. Reason enough for STABILA to equip the new LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser with STABILA GreenBEAM technology, which enables you to work quickly and directly on the fine laser lines at distances of up to 30 m away. And it provides the best conditions for craftsmen to increase their work productivity and avoid marking errors.

The LAX 300 G laser functions include a horizontal line, a vertical line as well as plumb-line dots upwards and downwards. The vertical line almost covers the entire room. You can therefore perform plumb-line and levelling work on the floor, wall and ceiling at the same time.

The unit also has equipment and features that make it a true all-rounder for interior construction: the latest generation of energy-saving laser diodes ensures an operating time of up to 15 hours. You can quickly change functions using the single-button operation. The laser has a quick self-levelling function thanks to the pendulum technology designed for the construction site. The height of the compact laser housing can be adjusted thanks to the extendible foot. This is a particular advantage in drywall construction when you are working directly on U-profiles. In addition, the plumb-line dot downwards is clearly visible when the foot is extended.

The LAX 300 G is designed in such a way and equipped with accessories so that it can be used variably depending on the construction site situation: not just on the floor or on a tripod via a 1/4“ thread, but also fastened to metallic objects thanks to the rare-earth magnets and V-groove, or attached to the STABILA wall bracket contained in the set so that the laser can be positioned to the desired working height. The laser can be fastened to non-metallic objects using the integrated metal lugs and a strap. The target plate with magnetic holder and cross-hair is used to align the laser vertically and horizontally with a target point – for suspended ceilings, for example, the target plate can easily be attached to metal rails with the magnetic holder.

The compact and tough laser design ensures that it can be used on construction sites. The laser is equipped with the shock-absorbing STABILA soft grip casing to protect the unit if it is dropped, for example. By rotating the housing, which can pivot 360°, into the park position, the laser optics are protected against dust and scratches. The LAX 300 G fulfils the requirements of protection class IP 54, and is therefore protected against internal dust deposits and spray from all directions.

The LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser has been available since May 2017. In addition to the LAX 300 G laser, the 4-piece set consists of a target plate, wall bracket, belt pouch and three AA 1.5 V batteries.


Technical specifications:

Laser class:                                          2

Output:                                                < 1 mW

Laser wavelength:                              510 – 530 nm

Self-levelling range:                            approx. +/- 4.5°

Levelling accuracy:                             +/- 0.3 mm/m

Line straightness:                                +/- 0.2 mm/m

Laser beam accuracy (up):                 +/- 0.3 mm/m

Laser beam accuracy (down):           +/- 0.4 mm/m

Measuring distance of visible line:   30 m (indoors under typical operating conditions)

Operating time:                                  up to 15 hours (when operating with one line and plumb-line dot)

Protection class:                                 IP 54


STABILA is an internationally operating company based in Annweiler am Trifels, Germany. Founded in 1889, the company manufactures measuring tools that meet the highest standards of precision, durability, reliability and optimum handling. A very high priority is given to the development of new products and production techniques. STABILA is a globally recognised measuring equipment specialist for spirit levels, lasers, folding rules and tape measures. More than 500 employees are committed to the success of STABILA.


Images of STABILA:

Self-levelling LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser: a horizontal line, a vertical line, plumb-line dots upwards and downwards, extendible foot.

STABILA GreenBEAM technology: Razor-sharp, extremely bright and long laser lines for optimum visibility over the entire working area.

The vertical laser line almost covers the entire room.

STABILA LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser applications in drywall construction – suspending ceilings, positioning interior and partition walls, fitting U-profiles and transferring layouts from the floor to the ceiling

Avoid measuring and transferring errors when tiling with the STABILA LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser – working directly on the laser beam. Quick and secure.

With the STABILA LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser, you can fit and align electrical installations easily and accurately

Using the STABILA LT 30 telescopic laser support, the LAX 300 G laser can easily be positioned at the desired working height

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